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Your Face Is Begging for a Dew Puff

Between your body puff, sponge, back brush, and loofah, you’ve got a whole arsenal of body wash tools hanging in your shower. But what about your face? You need something gentle. You need something cleansing. You need something nourishing. You need a Dew Puff!

Dew Puff ($8) is a 100% all-natural, plant-based konjac sponge that provides your punim with gentle exfoliation, while also providing the perfect pH balance on the surface of your skin. It’s soft, yet firm enough to be durable and dependable. It feels cozy in your hand and against your skin. Dew Puff is the perfect shower companion for your face (and your neck and decolletage, for that matter). My Dew Puff has become my little friend.

There are three Dew Puff sponges to choose from: Original (gentle enough for any skin type, including your baby’s!), Asian Clay (perfect for aging skin), and Bamboo Charcoal (great for acne-prone skin). Each has a little string from which you can hang your Dew Puff. To prolong the life of your Dew Puff, make sure it can dry efficiently between use.

I’m currently using the Bamboo Charcoal, because I have been struggling with breakouts along my chin line and cheeks. I apply either cleanser or exfoliating face scrub onto the Dew Puff and wash my face each morning in the shower. What I LOVE about my Dew Puff is that it has transformed my cleansing process into a mini face massage. It just feels oh-so-good, and I feel like I’m deep cleaning my pores. My skin glows brighter afterward, probably because using a konjac sponge promotes circulation.

Another thing to note is that Dew Puffs are biodegradable and compostable. You can’t say that about your plastic body puff.

So, stop ignoring your face in the shower and show it a little love with a Dew Puff. Buy them online at DewPuff.com.


Disclosure: Complimentary product received, but it did not affect my opinion or experience.


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One Response to “Your Face Is Begging for a Dew Puff”

  1. OOH its like a beauty blender but it exfoliates! Fantastic!

    xoxo Christie