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Goldie, You Need Readers, Girl.

Between Meryl’s, Tracee’s, and Ryan’s heartwarming speeches, Steve Carell’s and Kristen Wiig’s dark comedic presentation, and, of course, all the stunning fashion, there was so much to love about this year’s Golden Globes, including Goldie Hawn’s adorable struggle over a hard-to-read teleprompter.

Thank goodness Amy Schumer was there to assist her. Amy went so far as to ask Goldie’s life partner, Kurt Russell, if he brought her glasses, which prompts me to submit this unsolicited advice to the iconic actress: Goldie, you need readers, girl.

Heck, at 45 years young, I need readers, too. My mother said that once I hit 40 I would need them. Don’t you hate it when your mother is right?

I see them all the time while I shop for toilet paper and Tylenol at CVS. Typical reading glasses sit there, mocking me, looking oh-so old and not so chic. Ugh. But, eyebobs to the rescue!

Reading glasses don’t have to look mundane and basic. Thanks to eyebobs, you can look red carpet ready, stylish, and glamorous, while being prepared to read any teleprompter set before you.

If you want to avoid squinting, which creates crows feet around your eyes, and remain fashionable, while being able to read any text, then eyebobs recommends their Study A Broad readers. Accented with rhinestones, these readers will make you sparkle and look contemporary.

Now, add eyebobs’ necklaces, which double as frame holders ($129 – $229), and a sequin-studded readers clutch ($10), and you will definitely be ready for all special occasion and glamorous events that you plan on attending this year.

So, accept that you need readers and stop shying away from them. The reading glasses at the drugstore are not your only options. Check out www.eyebobs.com today and do something good for your eyes and your wardrobe.


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