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I Am Obsessed with the Wish App

I am done with insta-shopping and down with insta-saving by shopping the Wish.com mobile app. It’s an obsession. Here’s why.

All those cute dresses and swimsuits I see advertised on social media I can find on the Wish app for $10 or less. No lie. Just about anything on Wish is dirt cheap.

Of course you can shop Wish via desktop, but I prefer shopping it from my phone. And you’ll find me shopping Wish before I shop anywhere else. It has changed my life! Here’s a small sample of what I’ve bought so far.

Boho Floral Dress
I bet you’ve seen this cutie advertised on Facebook and Instagram for somewhere between $40-$60, right? I got it at Wish for $10. But, here’s the plot twist: after making my purchase, I found it with another Wish seller for only $5!!! Amazing. I was bummed that I could have bought the dress at a lower price, but it was a good Wish-shopping lesson, and my first one, too.

Tie Dye Dress
This pretty piece was advertised on social media for $20. I got it on the Wish app for $8. My only regret is that I didn’t get the black version, too. But, I still can.


Tribal Swimsuit
I saw this sexy two-piece advertised online and on sale for about $29. I got it via the Wish app for $11.


The first thing you want to know about is quality, I’m sure. I would compare the quality to that of H&M or Forever21. So, it’s definitely not designer quality, but it’s no worse quality than your average affordable fashion boutique.

You also want to know about sizing. To be safe, I always size up; and so far, that strategy has worked wonderfully for me. Most products are accompanied with reviews and sizing charts. I recommend reading both before making a purchase.

While all of my clothing purchases have worked out for me, not every single item I bought on Wish has. For example, I purchased an anti-glare screen guard for my laptop, and it didn’t anti-do-anything. But, I paid a $1 for it. So, it’s no big deal. Also, I ordered a phone charger ($3) that was described as compatible with my iPhone 6S. It wasn’t.

However, I have ordered a lot of other things from the Wish app, and all of those other purchases have been successful, including a cute kitty cat face sponge holder for my kitchen sink ($1), a set of three loofahs (free, just pay shipping), and a razor holder for my shower (free, just pay shipping).

Here are some things you need to keep in mind when shopping Wish:

Two more things to note: I’ve not purchased shoes, yet. So, I have no feedback there. And, I have not attempted to return anything. I can’t imagine that going well. For as little as I am paying for products, I’m willing to take the risk. If it doesn’t work out, I can always donate it or give it to a friend.

My shopping pattern has transformed from instantly purchasing something that catches my eye to looking for my coveted item on the Wish app, first. Or, if I think of something I need in my wardrobe (for instance, I am currently craving yellow pants), I check the selection on the Wish app before I venture out to the mall or shopping online boutiques. Like I said, I’m not finding everything I want or need on the Wish app, but to save money, I’ll shop there first before I go anywhere else.

Now, my Wish experience is completely personal. You may not be convinced. And, that’s okay. It’s good to be a discerning consumer. So, before you download the app or shop online, read this article from Advisory HQ to learn more about Wish. Happy shopping!




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