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Forget Winter White. It’s Time to Tan.

Don’t let some stupid blizzard get you down. If you’re tired of being whiter than a snowman and long for bronze skin as you head to your resort vacation, then Hamptons Glow sunless tanning products have literally got you covered.

I’m channeling my inner sun goddess by relying on Hamptons Glow Tan, Tone & Tighten Self Tanning Creme ($32) and the Anti-Aging Body Moisturizer with Bronzer ($28). After exfoliating in the shower and drying off, I apply the Self Tanning Creme for instant tanned skin. The product is non-greasy and contains Vitamin E and Aloe. The application is easy and streak-free. Plus, my skin looks nicely tanned without coming off orange. It’s natural-looking, and I find it offers the most even coverage that I have ever received from any other sunless tanning product. It’s definitely my new favorite.

To keep the glow going, I follow up with the Body Moisturizer with Bronzer every day. This smoothing and firming body product features amino peptide, which is meant to reduce the appearance of fine lines, stretch marks, and cellulite. You can use the Body Moisturizer with Bronzer alone and get just a hint of color. But I like looking as dark as possible, so I prefer to use the products in combination.

I’m very satisfied with Hamptons Glow even application and lack of streaks. The color complements my skin tone, hair, and eyes and the cremes dry fast and do not rub off onto my clothes. Just make sure you wash your hands after applying, so that your palms do not end up tanning, too.

Purchase Hamptons Glow body care products at www.hamptonsglow.com.

Complimentary product received.

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