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What to Wear When You Summer Like a Celebrity

Okay. So the only miles you’ve been racking up lately are the ones on your Amex. And those rays you’ve been catching are most likely from that familiar blue glow of your iPhone screen. Sorry to break it to you, but, sister, you’re in a rut.

The fun you of way-back-when would’ve never put up with this 9-to-5 humdrum. You’ve worked too hard all year to spend your summer on the outside looking in. So, summon that carefree cutie who’s been clawing at the surface, and let her loose!

This summer, stop stalking your celebrity-wanna-bes on Instagram and get out there and live the life of a movie star. Check out these tips of what to pack and where to go for a summer adventure worthy of the gossip mags.

A City Girl in the Islands

Take a break from the bustle of the big city, and set your clock to island time this summer. Sarah Jessica Parker made Turks and Caicos her vacation spot of choice, and I agree. It’s the perfect place to max out on relaxation.

No need to dress to impress when you’re on island time. The style of this Caribbean hot spot is super laid back. Only shorts, swimsuits, and sunscreen need apply. Plan to plant your booty on the sand for most of this trip, so you better bring a variety of swimwear! You’ll want to show off that killer core in your very own teeny bikini. (Thank you, Pilates, but still love to hate you.)  

Don’t worry about feeling under dressed in this island paradise. The locals wear only their finest casual wear to most restaurants and clubs. Don’t believe me? Bring a sundress for your peace of mind. But if it’s a vacation worth remembering, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree: the easier the clothes, the better.

View from the Top of Barcelona

Looking for something a little more urban on your whirlwind adventure? Avenge your work fatigue with a spicy stay in Barcelona. You’ll forget all about your stresses in no time.

With museums, architecture, nightlife and beaches, there’s no guess as to why a trendsetter like Gwyneth Paltrow fell Shakespeare-worthy in love with this locale. With an artist-inspiring landscape, it’s hard not to put this spot on your #vacationgoals list.

Keep in mind this city is best enjoyed by foot (sorry Uber, no hard feelings), so only comfy and cute footwear need apply for the job of tour guide. Prepare for anything on your city adventure with a stylish bag large enough to fit all of your need-to-carrys and must-buy souvenirs. After all, it wouldn’t be a vacation without snagging a few priceless finds to bring back to the States!

Incept a Summer in St. Barth’s

Run away to St. Barth’s this summer (I’ll catch you, if I can), and enjoy a romantic island getaway fit for a rom-com script. A little gem of France, this island paradise is a popular tourist destination for loyal celebrity elite (Leo DiCapriolooking at you). Don’t let that discourage you from making your mark (as if). Who knows? You may even get discovered.

When summering like the rich and famous, make sure to dress the part. With 22 white sand beaches to choose from, there’s no doubt you’ll be spending some time under an umbrella (not to mention the ones in your drinks). Aside from eye-catching swimsuits (obvs), I suggest a couple of cute cover-ups and strappy sandals at the ready to throw on in a pinch. You know, just in case you’re invited to join one of those casual yacht parties that just happen all the time in St. Barth’s.

St. Barth’s isn’t all about lounging in the sun. No, on this vacation you better be ready to party. With off-the-chart restaurants and five star hotels, you can guarantee the good times – just like the bubbly – will flow. So don’t miss out because you don’t meet the dress code. Pack a hot little number that makes everyone take notice. Have fun and let your cute dress do the work. You are on vacation, after all.

When in Lake Como

A trip to Italy should be on any worldly woman’s bucket list, and not just because of the pasta (but you know, whatever gets you there). If you’re looking for a little of the Italy-less-traveled, then consider one of George and Amal’s favorite spots. It’s time to put Lake Como at the top of your travel itinerary.

Lake Como is just outside of style capital of Milan, so it’s no surprise the fashion in this Northern Italian slice of paradise is crisp, stylish, and chic. There’s no slacking on your wardrobe here. Put some effort (and forethought) into your style choices, and you’ll fit right in. Silk dresses and flirty scarves are a good choice for walking the everyday runway of this intimate region.

Want something a little less formal? Try a romantic caftan and oversize hat to bring a bit of flirty fun to your day in the sun. Whatever your spotlight style, add European flair with a pop of color and you’ll have everyone asking for your autograph.

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4 Responses to “What to Wear When You Summer Like a Celebrity”

  1. Love this post and I want to summer like a celeb… can one do that in pahrump lol

    xoxo Christie

  2. Lake Como is one of the best places to visit, such a wonderful region with amazing sceneries. They say that the lake is shaped like an upside down ‘Y’. However, I wouldn’t worry too much about clothes as long as I get to travel.