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Welcome to the Urban Jungle

Awarded best designer of the year at Miami Fashion Week 2007 and 2008, Costa Rican designer Ana Gutierrez has launched her latest collection of jewelry and leather accessories, which you can purchase at her boutique AG by Ana Gutierrez at The Grand Bazaar Shops. Named the Urban Jungle Collection, this stunning assembly of fashion is inspired by the balance between urban development and environmental preservation.

Photographs of iconic places in San José, Costa Rica´s capital city, are infused into prints for dresses and handbags. Traditional weaving techniques from indigenous people are used to create unique handmade bags. The jewelry, made with semiprecious stones set in Sterling Silver, evoke Costa Rica’s lush jungle, while statement necklaces also include precious woods like Cocobolo and Nazareno.

Eye-catching, chic, and stylishly outstanding, the Urban Jungle Collection by Ana Gutierrez is the perfect complement to resort vacations and the upcoming spring season. I had the pleasure of seeing the line in-person over the holidays and meeting with Gutierrez, who is as charming as her designs. They’re the type of pieces you will fall in love with, cherish, and never want to let go, as these accessories will remain relevant in your wardrobe with every passing season.

Shop the Urban Jungle Collection at AG by Ana Gutierrez at The Grand Bazaar Shops, 3635 South Las Vegas Boulevard.

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