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My Main Gig: WebDevStudios

For some reason, a lot of people think that Lollie Shopping is my full-time job. It’s not. It makes for a great side hustle and creative outlet. But, I have always had a full-time day job. About five months ago, that became my current main gig as a communications specialist for the WordPress development company WebDevStudios (WDS).

It’s been a long time, since I felt passionate about my job, as I do now. And since I don’t want to be a fashion blogger anymore, I figure, why not use my blog as an opportunity to share the details and joy of my career? Maybe I can inspire you to go into communications and marketing, move your own blog to WordPress, or pursue a job role that allows you to work from home. At any rate, I just want to gush about my new job, and hopefully, you’ll find my tale entertaining.

I was miserable at my previous job.
I thought, “Hey, I should work for the government!” I’ve always worked private sector and I was curious about working public sector. I wanted to give back. I wanted to be involved with the infrastructure that manages our community. I wanted to try something different. In the end, I wanted to kill myself. Let me just put it this way: I am not built for public sector work.

But as I wallowed in misery, I remained positive. It was difficult. I had to resort to daily meditation, listening to affirmations, even repeating positive mantras over and over again. Then one day, I got a message from my good friend, John Hawkins, telling me to consider working for the company where he was working – WDS. That was followed up by another message from my friend, Russell Aaron, who repeated the same, as he also worked there. I knew it was a sign, a rescue, and I applied immediately.


They had me at WordPress.
A BIG part of my blogging, of Lollie Shopping, is WordPress. Lollie Shopping originally began on Blogspot. Later, I moved it to OnSugar. And it was John, of course, who talked me into WordPress. I was married at the time, and my ex (who is quite the geek himself) confirmed John’s advice and helped me move my blog to WordPress. It’s been love ever since. I am such an avid supporter of WordPress that I am the annoying person who will shame you if you are considering SquareSpace, Wix, or anything else for your business website. Oh, you think you can’t have your jewelry boutique on WordPress? Think again, sister!


WDS specializes specifically in WordPress. Our team of developers build and design the most amazing sites for companies, such as Microsoft, Campbell’s, and Discovery using WordPress. You have to see our portfolio of work. It’s so impressive.

So when I realized that I could be working for a company that is the leading expert of a web platform that I love, I knew it was like the mother ship calling me home. Not only would I be neck-deep in WordPress all day long, but I would also be learning so much about it. I eagerly applied for the position, and, lucky me, I landed the gig!

I get to work from home.
Seriously. I work from home! It’s so awesome. And I love my home. It’s relaxing, quiet, and comfortable. While I’m not really a homebody, I do love being home. And I have something I did not have at my miserable government job: work-life balance. At the end of the day, when I’m done, I’m really done (unlike my last job). So, I can make room in my life for this blog and other side hustles (which I also plan on blogging about).

Working from home, I can sit on the couch to work. I can stand at my dining room table (I bought this stand to help with that), and I can even go outside on my patio when the weather is nice. One thing to note, though: I NEVER work from my bedroom. I believe that bedrooms are for sleeping and sex only. I don’t even have a TV in there.

WDS is an entirely distributed company. We all work remote. But we also stay connected. We use Slack to communicate all day long. We use ScreenHero for teleconferences (or to share our screens), and we rely on Zoom for video conferences. We even use the app GroupMe to stay connected after hours, because frankly, we miss each other when we’re not at work.

We also depend on BaseCamp, HelpScout, Buffer, Harvest, Namely, and so many other digital tools for managing everything from projects, to communications, to customer service, to time tracking. The technology that is available nowadays is incredible. I believe more and more companies will start using this same remote-work model in the years ahead.


Write, edit, post on social media… that’s my workday.
I mean, can you even believe this is my job? And don’t ask me which I like most, because I love it all. Let’s start with the writing. Sometimes, it’s just simple customer communications. But that’s fun, because I’m trying to convince people to use our services. And I love writing pitches and sales copy. A lot of my writing influences our brand voice and is used on our website. I take that super seriously. Brand voice is very important. I also get to blog, blog, blog. We all know I love doing that, too.

Editing is great also, because then I’m improving somebody else’s creation. I work with some really bright and savvy people. They spend their days embedded in code (pun intended), and they are the first to say, “I’m not a good writer.” At first, I assumed they were probably right. What do coders know about writing? But guess what: my coworkers are actually fantastic writers. My editing usually only involves catching typos, tightening grammar, enhancing word choice, and removing exclamation points. For some reason, developers love to litter their blog posts with exclamation points!!! But, I do enjoy editing their articles, mainly because I end up learning so much about design, development, plugins, and WordPress.

Lastly, the social media element of my job is extremely satisfying. It’s also a lot more challenging and time-consuming than I expected it to be. While I continually talk about WDS, I fail to mention that I also manage the communications for our other three brands: Pluginize, Maintainn, and AppPresser. All in all, I’m handling four brands in total. And each has its own voice, style, and brand. So, needless to say, I stay quite busy.


One new thing I’m bringing to the table that WDS had not experimented with before is pubic relations. Again, I love writing pitches. Moving forward, I plan on getting WDS (and hopefully the other three companies, too) mentioned in the media. That’s a big professional goal for me.

I feel smarter for having worked here.
I am learning so much. It’s unbelievable. Now, don’t ever expect me to evolve into a developer. That will never happen. But I’m learning about a lot of tools that make me better at my job. For example, I learned to rely a lot on Adobe Spark to make cute images for social media. Through practice, I’m becoming quite handy with Yoast. And, my talent for choosing just the right GIF has improved greatly.


I plan to stay at WDS for as long as the company will have me, but if I ever do have to leave, I’ll be taking some pretty damn good skills with me. For that, along with many other things, I am truly grateful.

I am passionate about words, communicating ideas, and influencing and inspiring actions. I always have been. I get to do exactly that for a living, and that makes me happy. I love my job, and let’s be honest. How often does anyone say that?


Are you interested in joining WDS? Or, maybe you know a talented WordPress developer who would make a great addition to our team. Then you need to bookmark and check out our career page.

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