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Vegas Style: How People in Las Vegas REALLY Dress

Oh, dear readers, I am so heart broken. One of my favorite celebrity stylists, Robert Verdi, tweeted these insults about my current home of Las Vegas:

The ignorance of this normally wise fashionista has inspired me to show him, you, the world, what Vegas Style really looks like. Hey, I’m not stupid. I see what you see – women squeezing in cheap, shiny dresses that are two sizes too small, only to practically fall out of them as they grind on the dance floor. And I, too, have noticed the men who think it’s acceptable to wear cargo shorts to a nightclub. But these people are NOT from Las Vegas. They’re tourists, from other states and even other countries. And while we residents value their patronage and company, tourists are not a valid representation of Las Vegas fashion and style.

The truth is that Vegas Style is eclectic – as diverse as our population. Some women love a boho or even cute-quirky look; others love retro style. Then there are those of us (myself included) who love loads of makeup, bright colors and trendy styles. As for the men, some are into geek chic; some have a hipster sense. And still other men have an appreciation for urban fashion. My husband, and men like him, enjoy Euro style mixed with American classic design. One thing that all of us have in common: attitude. Vegas Style is about confidence and self-expression.

So, Robert Verdi, and every other human being on this earth who has the WRONG impression of true Vegas Style, I give you photographic evidence: this is what we Las Vegas locals really look and dress like. The next time you want to use a hashtag like #vegas-style, do it respectfully, wisely and with a deeper understanding of what Vegas style really is. Peruse these photos of Las Vegas residents, and educate your mind.

(Photo credit: AngelinaGalindo.com; Style: Leather-Couture.com by designer Jessica Galindo.)

(Photo credit: © Rachael Coleman Thompson.)

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9 Responses to “Vegas Style: How People in Las Vegas REALLY Dress”

  1. Love it! Everyone looks amazing

  2. Thanks for sharing our photo! Happy to be part of this! Thanks, Laura!

  3. sunny

    luv the stripe dress and hat look…beautiful swingy look on the model….

  4. Fun story and photos. Honored to be included. Your blogs always inspire me to take fashion risks and be true to myself.

  5. Diane Librizzi

    I see my friend Cindy with Arlene!!!!