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Valentine’s Day Gifts: Unique Online Picks

I think the best gifts are the ones that speak to the recipient’s personality because they appear almost customized and make that person feel really special, understood and appreciated. The easiest way you can accomplish such a feat is to shop for unique items that surprise and amaze your special someone.

I’ve been browsing the Internet and found a few gifts that will impress your sweetie this Valentine’s Day. Here are my top picks for the most unique Valentine’s Day Gifts, all of which can be purchased online. Shop now and get it in time for Valentine’s Day.


jus damour perfume


Jus D’Amour Perfume Oil, $44 – If your Valentine is the one who sets the trends among her group of friends, then nab her a bottle of Jus D’Amour before it reaches the point where everyone knows about it.

Relatively unknown among most consumers, this warm, mysterious fragrance is starting to garner media attention. Soft, sweet and comforting, Jus D’Amour is the creation of singer, songwriter Mercedes. Get it now, and your special someone will be impressed with your ability to predict the next big thing.



heart shaped umbrellaRed Heart Umbrella, $35 – No one, but no one can be sad about the weather when being shielded from it by a heart-shaped umbrella. I think this gift is especially sentimental if you’re in a long distance relationship. Each time your Valentine uses it to survive the rain, she’ll be thinking of you. And there’s just something poetic about that.




personalized boxersSealed with a Kiss Personalized Boxers, $23 – How adorable are these? Totally customizable, these boxer shorts make tighty whiteys obsolete.






*Complimentary product received.

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