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Rent Unlimited Dresses

Beauty and fashion subscriptions are all the rage, aren’t they? I, myself, have become quite the Rocksbox addict. And now Rent the Runway (always a personal favorite of mine) has launched its Unlimited subscription service. For $99 a month ($49 for your first month), you can rent three Rent the Runway pieces at a time. This includes dresses, handbags, and accessories.

Begin by creating a queue of items that you’d like to borrow. Select three pieces from your queue and keep them for as long as you want. Send them back when you’re ready and receive three more.

There are a few items that are not available as part of the Unlimited subscription service, such as vintage, bridal, and select designers. Some Unlimited items are even available for purchase. Receive free shipping both ways; and billing is monthly. So you can cancel at anytime.

Considering that Rent the Runway rentals can average about $95 for a single rental, $99 a month for three different looks can be a real deal. Regardless of whether or not you have special occasions happening monthly, wouldn’t it be cool to wear new outfits to work on a regular basis without having to go shopping or stuffing your closet into complete disorganization? I’m seriously considering doing it myself, so long as I keep a commitment to not purchase new dresses. A subscription like this could save me money and room in my closet.

Interested? Then go to www.renttherunway.com and click on Unlimited.

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