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Turn Your Loose Change into No Fee eGift Cards! Here’s How

The holidays are expensive. There are parties to attend, goodies to make (and ingredients to purchase), gifts and fancy outfits to buy, presents to ship, and not to mention the travel. Wow. It really adds up, doesn’t it?

That’s why during the holiday season, average people like you and I try to find the best ways to save and ease the burden of expenses. We clip coupons, take advantage of sales, and buy in bulk. But have you ever thought about putting all those pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters that have collected in your junk drawer to actual use during the holidays? With minimal effort, you can turn your loose change into eGift Cards for absolutely no fee.

Open up that drawer and pull out every single cent. Gather all the jingling coins from the bottom of your handbag. Empty out the cup holder in your car. I bet you have lots of change piling up in there, too, don’t you?

Now, place it all in a handy bag or container then go to www.coinstar.com. Find a Coinstar kiosk near you and check out your no fee eGift Card options, like Amazon, Sephora, Best Buy, Old Navy, Toys R Us, and iTunes. The eGift Card will be printed out for you, so you can use it while shopping in-store or online. You have options.

Not all eGift Cards are available on every kiosk. While at the Coinstar website, click on the eGift Card logo of your favorite brand to search for a kiosk in your area with that particular eGift Card.

Once you have determined which eGift Card you want and which Coinstar kiosk to go to get it, head there, empty out your receptacle of change, select a no fee eCard and use it to purchase things you need for the holidays. Better yet, use it as a present for someone you love.

I went to the Coinstar kiosk conveniently located at a nearby pharmacy. First, I selected the no fee eGift Card option, choosing Old Navy for my gift card. Then I dumped my coins and found out that I had $29.47 in change. I received a receipt with my special eGift Card code, which I can use online or in-store. See how easy it is? (PS: Can you believe I had 147 pennies?)

coinstar egift card

You can also choose to donate your change to charities, such as Feeding America, UNICEF, and The Humane Society. Just select a charity of your choice at the Coinstar kiosk.

So make your holidays a little bit easier and a little less expensive by gathering up all the loose coins around your house and turning it into a no fee eGift Card at a Coinstar kiosk near you. Remember, change is good, especially when you can get an eGift Card out of it.

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