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The Truth About Outfit of the Week

Every Friday I publish a blog post featuring the cutest outfit I wore that week. That’s what I call Outfit of the Week. While all the other fashion bloggers promote an outfit of the day (#ootd), I have always found the term “outfit of the week” to be more appropriate and fitting, because for me, the intention is to select one outfit out of the entire week (and you can bet I tend to wear more than one cute outfit during the week) to showcase.

Outfit of the Week is popular on both my blog and via my social media channels. It is one of my most viewed categories and most engaging social media posts. A lot goes into it, and I’d like to share what it entails. So, here’s the truth about Outfit of the Week.

  1. The first Outfit of the Week was published in 2007.
  2. I always plan a week’s worth of outfits ahead of time. This makes it easier to select an Outfit of the Week. I’ve always been one to plan outfits in advance. I’m just organized like that.
  3. Some of my Outfits of the Week are spontaneous. Even though I plan outfits in advance, about 25% of the time I select an unplanned outfit for Outfit of the Week. I love when that happens. It’s always nice to surprise myself.
  4. I take my own Outfit of the Week photos using a camera on a tripod.
  5. I practice my photo poses in the mirror before taking pictures.
  6. Some of my Outfits of the Week have gotten me nooky. I thought about showing you which ones, but my BFF said that was TMI. But the next time you view an Outfit of the Week, just know it probably got me some. Just sayin’.
  7. Most all of my Outfits of the Week are purchased on my dime. Only a handful are sponsored, and I always point out when that’s the case.
  8. Nowadays, I couldn’t do it without Le Tote. Because I don’t like repeating outfits and because I don’t want to go broke, Outfits of the Week are very Le Tote dependent. One of the main reasons I even subscribe to Le Tote is because it keeps my Outfits of the Week fresh.
  9. Outfit of the Week is a lot of pressure. Even with Le Tote, I’m finding Outfit of the Week a challenge to keep up. It’s very possible for me to have an entire week where I don’t have a cute outfit to feature. Sometimes I am ill. Other times, I just had a bad week, or even better, I just didn’t have any reason to dress cute. Lately, I’m thinking I don’t absolutely have to showcase an outfit every week. I think I need to let up on myself a bit. I haven’t quite committed to that decision, but I am considering it.
  10. Yes, I use Photoshop. I don’t do a whole lot of photo editing, but I will brighten photos as needed and get rid of unflattering wrinkles or creases on my clothes. Since I am a vain Libra, I also eliminate blemishes, gray hairs, and dark circles beneath my eyes. Recently, I have been not liking how my neck looks in photographs, especially when I smile big. I am middle-aged after all. So, yes, I will use Photoshop to make my neck look less loose and turkey neck-like. Aging happens and it sucks.

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