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Top 5 Places for UK Citizens to Live

Every year thousands of Britons pack their bags and move abroad. In 2014 alone, 323,000 people decided to leave the UK and make a new life for themselves in a different country. The main reason for emigrating tend to be the hope of better job and life prospects. But others just love the sense of adventure and want to discover the world and all it has to offer. But where are all these people moving and, more importantly, why are they drawn to these places? Let’s take a look at five of the best places for UK citizens to move to, including Las Vegas!

Have you ever thought about pursuing your American Dream? The United States of America is absolutely huge and full of possibilities. Whether you want to pursue an acting career on the New York Broadway, deal poker cards, get some early practice in thanks to the Ladbrokes online challenge, in the world’s glitziest casinos in Las Vegas or prove your surf skills in the Sunshine State of California – the USA is the land of possibilities. In fact, in 2013, it was the second most popular migration destination for Britons (23,000).

If you prefer snow to sandy beaches and skiing to surfing, then Canada might be the right place for you. Affordable housing, a great quality of life and some of the world’s most stunning wilderness await British expats here. The education and healthcare systems are both excellent and Canadians are famous for being a very friendly and outgoing bunch.

The Japanese are very friendly, so even if you can’t speak Japanese fluently yet, they’ll make you feel welcome. However, in order to fully integrate, you should make an effort to improve your Japanese skills as it’s not uncommon for people to not speak English. But if that doesn’t put you off, then living here can be a hugely rewarding experience. The country can boast vibrant cities, absolutely stunning landscapes, a rich cultural heritage, excellent education and healthcare systems and loads of very tasty and healthy food.

Those who are tired of the British drizzle should move to Australia. The land down under has been claimed as British territory in 1829 so that the link between the two countries is strong making is easier for many Britons to adapt to the Australian way of life. You’re also able to claim your UK state pension while living here. On top of that, Australia has 21,000 miles of stunning coastline just waiting to be explored.

A thriving economy as well as great childcare and education make Singapore a popular choice for British expats. The public transport system is excellent and the streets are clean and safe. From here, it’s also very easy and affordable to explore the rest of South East

The world is full of exciting places and opportunities, which are only waiting to be discovered. If you’re not afraid of the idea of leaving the UK and starting a new life somewhere else, then these five places are great for British expats to live in.

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