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Tips from a Stylist

Guest blogger Lauren Schugar is owner and mastermind behind Modern Image, an inclusive image-consulting firm. Schugar has more than ten years experience in the fashion industry, including personal shopping, fashion merchandising and managing multi-million-dollar retail establishments tied to Las Vegas’ most exclusive shopping destinations. Modern Image’s cliental ranges from business executives to stay-at home moms all looking to either renovate themselves or create impeccable impressions. She is an image coach, personal stylist and shopper, along with being a Vegas know-how. Check her out at
and don’t forgot to shop her store at www.laurenspicks.com.

As a wardrobe stylist I come across a multitude of wardrobe needs from client to client. Yet no matter what those needs are from say a complete wardrobe overhaul to styling them for a business interview or even what their own personal style is for that matter, there are five key points I stress time and time again. These are simple, yet monumental tips and guidelines in presenting not only best you, but creating a streamlined fashionable wardrobe that makes leaving the house stress-free and you looking chic. And who doesn’t want that?

So here is my list of the most important tips and tricks I share with clients everyday.

1.) Proper Fitting Foundations:
Investing in the right sized bra and body slimmer will make you look flawless day in and day out. You could have the most expensive, fashionable wardrobe available, but if you have unnecessary bulges from the wrong bra or have visible lines from the ill-fitting undergarments, your look just went out the door.

Body slimmers are a girl’s best friend and should not be confused with the girdles of the past. Having a great slimmer is like never having a fat day again, it hides your bumps, muffin top, and smoothes your rump out. Now finding the right bra size can be a challenge since major retailers don’t carry every size. You must get fitted to know what size you truly are and a good place to go for a fitting is Nordstrom. They carry tons of sizes and a variety of brands. You don’t necessarily have to buy everything they suggest or even at all, but it’s a great place to start and to find what size you really should be wearing.

Having the right foundations makes a HUGE difference in not only the way your clothes fit and lay on you, but also on you personally. Knowing that your look is flawless and you have nothing being seen except your own style, makes you more confident. And nothing is more attractive than confidence.

2.) Alterations:
Become one with spending money on alterations. Having a closet full of clothes that do not fit you properly does you absolutely no good and is like not having any clothes at all. When you alter something to fit your specific body it looks like it was made for you, cause it kind of was. Spending the time and money into altering your clothes will make you look like a million dollars, even when you only spent twenty, because they fit the way they are suppose to. Even the simplest alteration such as adjusting a hemline for a better proportion your body or fixing the gap in your jeans’ waist will change your look drastically for the better.

This is always the trick I use to help my clients’ clothes look more expensive than say they actually are. Another stylist trick, always buy a cheaper dress and get it altered verses an expensive one that doesn’t quite fit right. This way you will get more mileage out of your budget while looking impeccable.

3.) Nude heels:
Want one item that will work with practically everything in your closest while making your legs look leaner, then you need a classic pair of nude heels. Nude heels are amazingly versatile, as they are a neutral and should be used as one. Pair them with black dresses, bold prints, skinny jeans, pretty much everything, as they will match every single item in your closet. Of course these need to the closest color nude to your own skin tone, so everyone’s nude will be a different. The perfect nude for you should almost but disappear on your foot, therefore elongating your legs because they give the illusion of a continuous line. Trust me, your nude heels will go further than your black ones ever did.

4.) Good Makeup Brushes:
Your face is beautifully unique and is usually what people first see, therefore needs to represented in its most flattering way at all times. There is no other way of achieving results like a professional makeup artist without using a good makeup brush set. I think makeup brushes tend to be overlooked as an essential for every woman because many makeup products come with their own applicator or maybe simply because many women just don’t think they are worth the price. But the thing is quality brushes make applying makeup easier, faster, and even more pleasurable because they are made in specific shapes and sizes for the job at hand. Think of the makeup brush rule as similar to the rule of proper fitting foundations, your makeup will only look as good as how good the tools are that you’re applying it.

And don’t forget every few weeks, or at least once a month; gently wash them in a mild liquid detergent or baby shampoo to keep them clean and bacteria free.

Since this is such an important part in looking your everyday best, I am giving away a 10 piece-set of makeup brushes to one lucky reader (an $89.99 retail value). To enter the contest, you must visit my store (www.laurenspicks.com) then leave a comment at Lollie Shopping stating which piece you like best. Laura will select the winner at random, so don’t wait. I’m so excited to be able to give this away, so check out the prize at my store. You have until November 30, 2010 to enter. One entry per person, per email address.

5. Black Tights:
If you have a very limited budget to spend on your fall wardrobe, invest in several pairs of good quality black opaque tights and your closet will suddenly seem full of possibilities. You can pair them with your favorite summer dress, boots instead of sandals and instantly you have your new favorite winter look. Throw on a blazer or ultra chic leather jacket and away you go. Start thinking about black tights as the solution to all your wardrobe problems. Skirt to short for bare legs, add tights. Want to keep wearing your favorite shorts all winter long, add tights. They pretty much make layering a breeze. Have a fancy dress that seems a little over the top for the event at hand, add tights. They will immediately make your look more youthful, and much more casual. So not only are black tights the end all be all, they will also keep your legs nice and toasty all winter long all while keeping your razor at bay.

Because I adore Laura and her blog so much I’ve also created a special promo code for all her readers on my store www.laurenspicks.com . Readers who spend $100 dollars or more on my store will receive $20 dollars off their purchase. Just type in lollieshopping into the promotional code area when checking out. Promo ends January 1st, 2011, so it’s perfect for holiday gift giving or finding that perfect gift just for you.

Ladies, I would like to leave you with one last piece of guidance, fashion is at its best when you incorporate it with who you are, your style and comfort level. Nothing is less fashionable than a forced out of place trend just because it’s in style!

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    The Man Bait shirt is making me LMAO. That 1 is my favorite. http://www.laurenspicks.com/manbait.html Thnx

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  13. I’d like to say thanks for the time you took compiling this article. This has been an inspiration for me. I’ve passed this on to one of my friends.

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