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The Sheer Maxi Trend and How to Wear It

The sheer maxi trend began this year with initially only models and super-toned fashionistas brave enough to bare all. But with almost every design house on the planet unveiling their own take on the trend on this year’s Fashion Week catwalks, the look is set to cross over into the mainstream in 2012. You can find sheer maxi dresses online at sites like Fashion union, and the style is cropping up in more and more main street stores for the spring/summer season.

Wearing sheer fabric from head-to-toe may look stunning, but it sure ain’t for the faint-hearted (or the wobbly-thighed). So just how are we mere mortals supposed to pull this look off? We show you how…

Forget head-to-toe
Sheer is a trend in itself for next year, so don’t worry about investing in a sheer maxi if you’re not brave enough to bare all. Use sheer fabrics any way you want. If you don’t want to show off your torso, go for a sheer full-length skirt or wide-leg pants instead, and if you want to hide those pins, pick out a simple black sheer blouse and wear over a black bra or slip.

Layering is your friend
Sheer fabrics are perfect for creating a flowing, feminine silhouette, and by layering with similarly dainty fabrics you can create a really eclectic look that’s on-trend as well as modest. Experiment with different lengths and with complimentary and contrasting fabrics and textures. Try a sheer maxi with a tunic layered over the top to the thigh and a cute cropped leather jacket for mix and match length. And look out for sheer maxi’s that come with a built-in slip or add one of your own.

Try a range of sheer fabrics
Come 2012, you’ll find a whole range of sheer fabrics to choose from. Stores know we don’t all want to be seen in our underwear, so there are plenty of semi-sheer alternatives out there. Or you can show some skin with on-trend fabrics like crochet, tying in nicely with the 70’s trend, or go for black lace for that extra bit of coverage. Look out for styles that use lots of gathering and bunching of sheer fabric to create a more opaque look too.

Pare it down
A great way to tone down the fact that you’re showing off your underwear for the world to see is to contrast the sexiness of sheer with solid opaque not-so-sexy pieces. Team with a chunky knit sweater, cardigan or heavy coat to leave just a teasing swathe of sheer fabric to spill out from underneath. Grunge it up with some boots, or glam it up (and cover up) with some faux fur.

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  1. Love this! American Apparel has such great sheer maxi’s and everyone is always asking me how to wear them!