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The Next Big Thing in Shopping: QR Codes

If you’re tech savvy, you’re probably already familiar with QR Code. And if you’re not tech savvy, then read on to learn more about QR Code and why I predict it’s the next big thing in shopping.

QR (Quick Responsive) Code is a bar code that can be read by your mobile phone’s camera, so long as you are utilizing the correct application (software) to read that code. Here’s an example of what a QR Code looks like.


Within the matrix bar code of this particular QR Code is the URL of the English Wikipedia Mobile Main Page. So if you have an app on your mobile phone that allows you read QR Code, you would use that app to scan this code and your phone’s browser would immediately take you that Wikipedia URL page. Cool, huh?

There are all kinds of potential uses for QR Codes. For example, you could use a QR code on your business card and send potential clients to your website and any business can use QR Codes for advertising purposes. So, why do I think QR Code is the next big thing in shopping?

Smart retailers are finally catching onto the importance of mobile marketing and interacting with their customers and QR Code allows for retailers to accomplish just that. Joe Feczko, Senior Vice President of Innovation, Integration & Broadcast for Macy’s and Keynote Speaker at Global Shop 2010 agrees, “I think this [QR Code] will be the next big idea for U.S. retailers.” Hey, if Macy’s says so, I believe them. Don’t you?

Check the advertisements of your favorite magazines. You should already be finding QR Codes scattered among a few pages. But after speaking to digital innovators developing products for use in retail stores while I was at Global Shop, I’ve learned that more and more retailers will be using QR Codes to provide special offers and coupons to customers, thus driving traffic to their online store and initiating an instant response from customers to purchase immediately upon scanning the QR Code. After all, we are an instant gratification society. And if a shopper can find a coupon with savings among the pages of her favorite fashion magazine, chances are she may make her purchase right then and there.

I love to save money, and the thought of discovering coupons or any type of special offer or sweepstakes simply by scanning in a funny, little bar code definitely appeals to me. It’s like finding a special Easter Egg.

There are various QR Code phone apps available, depending on your phone and service provider. I have an iPhone, so I’m using ScanLife, which was free. So far I haven’t happened upon any coupons or special offers, but I know one day I will and I scan everything waiting for that special moment. I also believe that Macy’s will lead the way for other retailers to effectively use this wonderful concept. I can’t wait to see what happens next!.

Keep checking back on Lollie Shopping, because if I find a special, must-scan QR Code, you’ll be the first to know!


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