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The Ears Have It

I am super picky when it comes to earrings. I can’t do cheap fashion earrings, because they irritate my piercings. Now that I have long hair, I prefer long, big and sparkling beautiful earrings jewelry. But since I am also petite, I can’t wear those same large-sized earrings when my hair is up. The look overpowers my small head. So, I have to keep an assortment of stylish stud earrings on hand, too. Needless to say, my relationship with earrings is complicated and my collection is purposely limited.

When it comes to designer diamond earrings jewelry, there are only two styles I like: chandelier or princess cut studs. I think chandelier diamond earrings are just more glamorous than teardrops. And I find a princess cut to be daintier than a round stud. Of course when it comes to a diamond stud, the bigger the better. Right?

If I’m going to go with a shape, such as a heart, I will only do so with sterling silver. For example, I would never wear heart shaped diamond earrings, but a pair in sterling silver totally works with my style. As for hoop shaped earrings, I go with gold on those. Silver hoops just don’t have the same wow factor that gold hoops have.

I also like beaded earrings, but only if they’re long and dangling. As for gem stone earrings, I like those teardrop shaped. Jewelry pearl earrings win me over any shape or form. They can be styled as studs, or dangling down. And I love black pearls, probably more than white. Although white pearls are timeless and classic.

My favorite style of pearl earrings are those that are designed with diamond accents. Some people have a dream home while others have a dream car. I have dream earrings: diamond and pearl earrings, preferably with a vintage look to them, as though I inherited them from grandma on my 18th birthday. And I won’t do cubic zirconia. I’m holding out for the real deal.

See what I mean? I told you my relationship with earrings is a complicated one.

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