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Uncover the Truth About Chemical Peels

The beauty industry is booming and there are a lot of products and procedures that promise improvement in areas such as anti-aging, acne, sun damage and scarring. Chemical Peels are widely talked about, but not entirely understood by the average consumer.

“I get questions quite often on what is the difference between types of peels, what are the benefits, does it hurt, and how long the downtime will be,” says Shannon Liberty, owner of Shannon’s Serendipity Skincare. “A chemical peel consists of a solution applied to the skin to exfoliate the top layers. The desired effect after the healing process is fresh, healthy skin that has a radiant glow.”

According to Liberty, the speed and depth of exfoliation depend on the specific acid used, the concentration of the solution, its acidity or pH level, and the amount of time it is left on the skin.

Most widely used chemical peels in the spa setting are Categories 1 and 2. Here’s what that means:

Category 1: light depth peels remove only the top layer of dead skin. There isn’t any pain but may experience a slight tingling sensation during treatment. There isn’t any recovery time, perhaps a little “pink” with mild flaking.

Category 2: medium depth peels penetrate deeper into the skin to more aggressively treat scarring left by acne, sun damage, pigmentation marks, and wrinkles. Sensation during treatment can range between “burning and stinging” that lasts 30 minutes to an hour after the treatment is complete. The face may become swollen, pink, or itchy. In a few days you can expect a peeling of the skin. You may even experience brown and white patches while the skin is in the healing stage. Recovery is generally a week but can last for several weeks.

Deeper peels may only be performed once. As always, consult with a licensed skin care professional like Liberty for the treatment that is best suited for your skin type so you can get the most out of your “peeling” experience!

Learn more about skincare and chemical peels by scheduling an appointment at Shannon’s Serendipity Skincare, 9975 S. Eastern Avenue, Suite 130. Email Liberty at shannon.serendipity@yahoo.com.


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