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The American Department Store and the Social Experience

“The American department store is the real social experience,” said Joe Feczko, Senior Vice President of Innovation, Integration & Broadcast at Macy’s and Keynote Speaker of Global Shop 2010. Utilizing his creative vision and realistic business perspective, Feczko and Macy’s are developing innovative marketing concepts and are insuring integration across all media – traditional and new.

Currently on Twitter and Facebook, Macy’s intention is to refer the user back to the “real place” and the “in-store experience.” And as if Macy’s wasn’t already doing enough to interact with their customers, they launched a Macy’s iPhone application six months ago.

According to Feczko, Macy’s wants to know what’s important to their customers. For example, customer feedback conveyed to this department store giant that shopping at Macy’s can often be a confusing experience, so they created Macys.com/fashiondirector (a personal favorite destination for this blogger). At this site, users find “fashion interventions,” which features must-see, entertaining webisodes you won’t see anywhere else, Spring 2010 fashion tips and how to put it all together, and the Daily Fashion Challenge with a Polyvore-like setup where users put together an outfit to meet the challenge of the day and enter to win a $500 Macy’s gift card.

Macy’s is successful creating a social destination for shoppers and fashion shoppers, thus instilling brand loyalty. And Macy’s in-store visual team works to incorporate social and traditional advertising campaigns into the visual design of the store, thus creating a cohesive, streamlined experience for the Macy’s shopper.

Already Macy’s is looking to the future, carefully considering the impact that QR Codes and Augmented Reality may have on the retail industry. And should consumers show an interest in these newer technologies, I predict Macy’s will find a way to successfully incorporate them into their strategy and shopping experience, thereby continuing to hold their position as one of the top retailers in the world.

Screenshot taken from Macys.com/FashionDirector.

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