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Sustain Your Summer Style

I know. I know. It’s HOT! Beads of sweat are threatening your ability to take a selfie, and as the temperatures rise, you wonder if you can remain cute in this dreadful heat. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can. Don’t let the extreme weather ruin your summer style. Use these products to sustain it.

Fake Beach Waves
Forget the beach. It’s too darn hot. But you still want stunning beach-inspired tresses, right? Try Clean Enhanced Organics Surf Spray. Spray onto damp hair to create a salty, sun-dried, sexy look. It’s formulated with organic kelp, lime, patchouli, and dead sea salts. So your hair style winds up being totally natural-looking without having to step one pedicured toe onto scorching hot sand. Bravo!

Renew Your Skin
Pants in this heat? No way, José. But don’t let cellulite deter you from wearing short shorts or micro minis. The less clothes you wear, the more comfortable you’ll feel. And the less obvious your cellulite is, the more confident you’ll feel to wear skimpy summer fashion.

With Cell-U-Logic’s three-step plan, you can get vibrant, youthful skin by utilizing the benefits of green coffee extracts. Go from saggy, jiggling thighs to taut, smooth ones. (Save 20% on any order with code THANKYOU20. Expires June 30, 2017.)

Step 1: Exfoliate and detoxify with Green Coffee & Seaweed 2n1 Soak & Scrub.

Step 2: Firm up with Green Coffee Slimming Gel.

Step 3: Generate collagen with Anti-Aging Body Repair Cream.


Stay Indoors and Get Tanned
For those who like a darker skin tone during the hot months, Skinny Tan Mousse offers a sun-kissed look without the risks that sun tanning brings. Don’t suffer from sun damage. Use Skinny Tan Mousse instead. Let your friends think you’ve been vacationing somewhere exotic, while all along you’ve been bingeing on OITNB beneath your living room ceiling fan. (Who can blame you? It’s HOT out!!!)

Complimentary product received.

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One Response to “Sustain Your Summer Style”

  1. OOH great summer product picks! Jotting them down on the shopping list!

    xoxo Christie