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Jeans – We Salute You This Summer!

Jeans have always been and will continue to be a wardrobe staple for women everywhere. They offer a solution for fat days, thin days, days when women don’t want to get their legs out, days when casual is too laid back – a fancy top does the trick – and days when a dress is too dressy! But will jeans need to be relegated to the back of every fashionista’s closet now the hot weather’s making an appearance?

Although they are classics, jeans are always being revamped to lead the way in the latest trends, and to adapt to the new seasons. The fact they are so easy to wear means women can push their fashion boundaries with the newest styles, prints and shades this summer rather than foregoing their trusty outfit staple altogether.

So what are the latest trends in the world of jeans?

The printed jeans

Prints are huge this season, and jeans are one of the most striking, yet easiest ways to wear the trend. The selection here demonstrates how florals are toughened up by skinny leg styles, rock and roll glamour is channelled through metallic foil-prints, and summer’s colour pops are made totally wearable without the need for a skirt.

The laid back roll-ups

For a low maintenance look that channels boyfriend’s clothes-stealing chic without overdoing the baggy look, rolled up jeans in pale shades should be teamed with well-fitted tops in girly colours, a la Kate Bosworth in Glamour Magazine.

The distressed-look jeans

Not only do jeans with strategically placed rips look super cool, they give a hint of skin that makes any outfit instantly more summery. The holes bring an added bonus; a breeze to cool those hot legs. The style should be balanced with a crisp shirt or neatly structured top for a look that stays edgy yet gives a hint of sophistication.

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