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4 Golden Rules of Shopping for a Bargain

Let’s face it, we all love to spot a bargain, and there is a weird satisfaction to buying something at less than its true value that is hard to pinpoint. It probably has something to do with getting one over on the man; and the man in question here is the retailer. According to BusinessWeek.com the cost of living in 2013 rose by 1.5%, and that means you need to make that money back somewhere on your shopping. Don’t worry though, as savvy shoppers can make that kind of savings easily if they follow these simple rules.

Shop at the Right Times
If you can wait for your purchases, or even better if you can plan your shopping trips, you will be able to save yourself a small fortune. The trick is to never shop unless there are sales on in the stores. You will find end of line deals and designer bargains going for a song, and all because stores need to clear out shelves for the new season. You may not buy the latest lines, but you can buy excellent quality at bargain prices, and you could even save enough to treat yourself to something very special. Following the simple rule of only shopping in the sales is the most basic one to follow; make sure you follow it.

Avoid the Stores
Shopping during the sales is a fantastic money saver, but unfortunately not always possible. However, you can still avoid paying high street prices for your purchases by shopping online, and it is easy enough to find bargains through a search engine. A search for affordable backpacks will bring you plenty of hits to save you money, and the same is true for anything that you would like to purchase. Being able to visit a hundred shop sites in one day means that you are sure to find the bargain that you want, and as most online shopping sites have next delivery that is often free, shopping online will save you time and money. Of course the most important innovation for shopping online has been the security measures implemented to keep your details secure, so you can feel safe too.

Collect Coupons
Collecting coupons is a great way to save money, be it in a store or online. Some of these coupons may cost you a few dollars, but others are completely free. A quick search online will come up with many printable coupons you can use, and they are a sure fire way to save money. It may take you time to find a coupon that is specific to your desired purchase, but then again it could pop up first time. Ignoring coupons, online or not, is the same as saying you do not want to save any money.

Have an Open Mind
This is the key to finding a bargain, so make that one of your rules is to shop with an open mind. If you want a particular dress, by a particular designer, in a particular color, you options to find a bargain will all but disappear. However, if you are prepared to change the color or the style, you will find your options to save money opening up; and those with a completely open mind are sure to find a bargain.

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