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It’s Okay… Go Ahead and Shop at Chico’s

[Featured above: Chico’s Animal Tamra Tank Maxi Dress, $129.]

Among the common savvy shopper, Chico’s is synonymous with mom clothes. And I have yet to meet any fashionista who is interested in looking like a mom – even when she is a mom.

I’m not a mom, nor will I ever be, but I am in my 40s. And I fight like hell to avoid looking like a 40-year-old mom. So it should come as a surprise that I see nothing wrong with shopping at Chico’s. Why? Because the brand is really upping its style game.

I am particularly falling in love with Chico’s dresses and jackets. In fact, I would dare to say that some of the print dresses come off very Roberto Cavalli-esque. Yes, that’s a BOLD statement, but I stand behind it.

You should also check out Chico’s Black Label Collection. It’s very luxe and fashion forward, in a very accessible kind of way.

As you get older and long to command respect and showcase your elegance, I highly suggest you give Chico’s a try. You won’t look like a mom, but you will look sophisticated. Shop my Chico’s favorite styles below. If you find something you love, click the image for shopping information. Enjoy!

chicos dress

chicos dress 2

chicos vest

chicos denim

chicos jacket

chicos pants

chicos clutch

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