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I Made a Wrinkle Disappear by Using This Serum

Do you know the science behind saggy skin and wrinkles? As we get older, the ability for our cells to heal and regenerate slows down, especially once we hit 30. The best we can do is put up a good fight and manage our aging process through drinking lots of water, ending bad habits such as smoking, and using creams and other products to keep our skin hydrated. As Truvy in “Steel Magnolias” says…

“Honey, time marches and eventually your realize it is marching across your face.”

But if you want to do more than just put up a good fight, if you want to actually win the battle against aging, then what you really want to do is regenerate healthy skin cells. And there’s only one skin serum that does that. It’s called BIOEFFECT. And it’s revolutionary.


Developed in Iceland and inspired by Nobel Prize-winning science, this luxury skincare line works. Here’s why: BIOEFFECT actually contains Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a cellular activator that is vital in the function and biology of the human skin. When we’re young, our skin does a pretty good job of producing its own EGF, but then time marches on across our face, and we find that our skin just isn’t producing EGF like it used to. That’s when BIOEFFECT EGF Serum comes in handy. It is the world’s first skincare to contain EGF extracted from plants.

barely plants inserted in test tubes

Okay. Now it’s about to get really cool… when you apply this plant-extracted EGF onto your skin, your skin doesn’t know the difference. Your skin actually believes this form of EGF is its own, and then it proceeds to do what you need it to do: renew, restore and make you look radiant.

BIOEFFECT promises that you’ll see a difference in your skin after six weeks of use. However, when I received my complimentary BIOEFFECT EGF Serum and used it nightly, after cleansing my skin, I saw a difference in two weeks. In fact, before I started using BIOEFFECT, I spotted a new crease, right by my eyebrow. I could tell it was going to eventually be a deep one. I was mortified and disappointed, trying to tell myself to quit being so vain and just get over it. Four weeks later after using BIOEFFECT EGF Serum, it was gone. Vanished! I won! With BIOEFFECT as my weapon, I made a wrinkle disappear.

The EGF Serum alone is effective and impressive, but I have to also give recognition to BIOEFFECT Volcanic Exfoliator ($64). Using it in conjunction with the serum make my skin feel baby soft. And unlike other exfoliators, BIOEFFECT’s is not gritty and coarse. Apparently the brand actually polishes the volcanic granules in order to keep them from feeling harsh. When using the product, you’ll find it to be quite a luxurious experience.

BIOEFFECT_exfoliator tube and box_300dpi

Here’s one thing you need to note before purchasing and using BIOEFFECT. The serum is to be used alone. While many of the skin serums on the market are formulated to be cocooned by a skin cream, BIOEFFECT EGF Serum works alone. Using it along with another product will actually hinder its effectiveness. So don’t do it. This means, you no longer need a nighttime moisturizing cream, as you will only use BIOEFFECT EGF Serum at night, after you have cleansed.

And a little goes a long way. Seriously! I only need two drops for my entire face and neck. I use a third drop on my chest and cleavage. So while, yes, BIOEFFECT EGF Serum is a luxury product costing $210 for a bottle, it is well worth it and will probably last you at least two months, but possibly longer. Why rely on face fillers and Botox when you can reactivate your skin cells with BIOEFFECT?

Purchase BIOEFFECT at Sahra Spa & Hammam at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 3708 South Las Vegas Boulevard. It is the first spa in the US to feature the BIOEFFECT product line. For more information on BIOEFFECT go to www.bioeffect.com.

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