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Review: The Power of Style

I’ve always believed that empowering yourself is one of the greatest things you can do for your confidence and your life. With her book “The Power of Style,” television personality, columnist and nationally-known style-tip-giver Bobbie Thomas empowers you with everything you need to know before you get dressed tomorrow (also the tagline of her book).

Through “The Power of Style,” Thomas goes beyond the gimmicks of a style quiz, limiting labels or trying to fit you in a confining box. Instead, she uses self-help techniques to appeal to and uplift your spirit before assisting you with tips for organizing your closet, figuring out your body type and which apparel silhouettes will compliment it the most, and discovering your color compass.

the power of style

With a tone and feel that mimics an afternoon of gabbing with your best (and most stylish) girlfriend, Thomas peppers her book with inspiring quotes, touching anecdotes and thoughtful observations. Having a bad day? Pick up “The Power of Style,” flip to any page, and you’re bound to find something to make you smile and change your attitude.

Think of “The Power of Style” as your guide to looking good, feeling good and just being a better version of yourself. It’s the kind of book you’ll keep forever and return to for advice. I highly recommend it as a graduation gift, but it’s also perfect for any woman looking to empower herself and her wardrobe. Purchase The Power of Style: Everything You Need to Know Before You Get Dressed Tomorrow at Amazon.com.

*Complimentary book received, which did not affect the opinion  expressed in this review. 

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