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Review: MIXT BOX

The surge of subscription box services that have popped up are giving style mavens a new way to shop. And now, Las Vegas-based fashion subscription service MIXT BOX brings personal styling to your doorstep.

With MIXT BOX, subscribers receive a selection of fashion and a shipping label to return what they don’t want. Customers are only charged for what they enjoy and keep. Sign up and set up an account at www.mixtbox.com. After selecting the frequency of delivery, your MIXT BOX will arrive with clothes and accessories chosen based on your style profile. You get five days to decide what you want to keep and return.

mixt box

mixt box 2

My MIXT BOX included three perfect summer dresses, a romper, and three bracelets. It was an easy decision for me. After trying on the items with my own clothes, shoes, and accessories, I saw how well my selected MIXT BOX fashion would work in my wardrobe.

First, there’s the strapless tie dye maxi dress, which I topped with my own short sleeve, see-through jacket, for added modesty.

strapless maxi dress

strappless dress with short sleeve jacket

Then there’s the gray tent dress, which I like wearing off the shoulder and belted.

tent dress

off the shoulder dress

And I really enjoy the printed dress with a side tassel. It feels so 1990s.

tassel dress

And this romper is fantastic and super sexy. Because it’s worn bra-less, I add my tie dye kimono over it.


romper with tie dye kimono

The only items from my MIXT BOX that didn’t work in my wardrobe were the bracelets. But, I decided to keep them anyway because I knew they would make great gifts for friends, and there are always birthdays to shop for. That’s something to consider with your MIXT BOX. It could be an additional avenue for easy gift shopping.

leaf bracelet

dream bracelet

arrows bracelet

Whether you’re busy or an impatient shopper, you’ll find that MIXT BOX will make your life easier. It won’t replace in-store or online shopping, but it does make for a good additional shopportunity. It’s always nice to have options. MIXT BOX is definitely one that you will appreciate.

Try MIXT BOX at www.mixtbox.com.

Complimentary MIXT BOX received for this review, but does not affect my opinion.

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