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Beauty Review: Dr. Lili Fan Probiotic Eye Serum and Mascara

The holidays are taking a toll on your peepers, aren’t they? Staying up late, getting less sleep, alcohol… all these things can have an affect on your eyes. They deserve a fighting chance.

You can keep the windows to your soul looking fresh and youthful by using Probiotic technology. Did you know that a skincare routine that contains Probiotics can reduce cellular damage by up to 50%? Plus, it can activate cellular renewal (and ’tis the season to renew, right?) by up to 70%. That’s HUGE!

Dr. Lili Fan is an anti-aging specialist and scientist with a line of Probiotic beauty products, featuring skincare and eye care. I received a complimentary Probitoic Age Defying Eye Serum and Probiotic X Mascara with Lash Booster Formula to test. For me, the results were pretty immediate.

You have to keep in mind that I live in the desert, and so the climate is very dry, dry, dry. Did I mention it’s dry here? As such, my skin is in dire need of moisture, and the thin skin around my eyes is especially thirsty. I do what I can to assist, like drinking lots of water. But I still need extra help, and Dr. Lili Fan’s Probitoic Age Defying Eye Serum ($65) is precisely what the doctor order. Pun intended.

Formulated with Vitamin C and other natural ingredients that stimulate collagen production, my eyes look firmer and happier after application. It even reduced dark circles. I think it might be because my eyes don’t look so saggy anymore, thus decreasing the appearance of dark circles.

Dr Lili Fan Probiotic Age Defying Eye Serum

I’ve been using the product morning and night, and a little goes a long way. Tissue off excess, or you’ll find residue around your eyes. Use your ring finger for application, and just lightly dab onto the skin. Do not rub. So long as you allow the product to soak into your skin and don’t use too much (seriously, you only need a little), you can wear it beneath makeup.

As for the mascara… again, instant results! Now the mascara will not affect the skin around your eyes, that’s why you’ll want the serum. But with regular use, it does give you fuller lashes in 4-8 weeks. I saw results immediately; I didn’t have to wait long. That’s why I love this product so much. But as always, results vary, and just because I saw results right away, doesn’t mean you will. I’ve seen great length and volume in my lashes. What I really appreciate is that I’ve seen a decrease in lash loss.

Dr Lili Fan Probiotic X Mascara

It’s perfectly natural for people to shed eyelashes. When we remove our makeup, we especially see it then. But since I started using  Dr. Lili Fan’s Probiotic X Mascara with Lash Booster Formula ($35), I’ve seen a very significant decrease in lash loss. This may explain why my lashes appear more voluminous. They’re sticking around and not shedding as they normally would. And, this product plays well with other mascaras.

First, I gently curl my lashes. Then I apply the Probiotic X Mascara. I then layer another mascara of choice, and my lashes look great. I’m really happy with both products and highly recommend them. If you’re looking for a change in your beauty routine, especially in the new year, and you’ve noticed that your eyes could use a boost, then Dr. Lili Fan’s Probitoic Age Defying Eye Serum and Probiotic X Mascara with Lash Booster Formula are the products for you.

Go to www.drlilifan.com to learn more and shop.

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