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What I’m Shopping for Now: Power Clothes

[Featured Above: Search for Sanity Double Breasted Stripe Blazer, $108 at Nordstrom.]

I am on a kick for power clothes, shoes and accessories. As they say, “Dress for the job you want, not for the job you have.”

While I love my current full-time gig, I can’t help but dream bigger, especially after working as a brand ambassador for fashion designer Rachel Roy and acting as a style expert for a few television segments. I’d love more opportunities like these to come my way. So I’m thinking… it’s time to up my style game. I’m shopping for fashion that communicates just how professional and powerful I am.

Oh sure, like I said last week, I’m not about to retire my graphic tees. But I am looking for ways to elevate my wardrobe and upgrade my life. I’m on the hunt for sleek pieces that enhance what I already have. I’m especially looking for inspiring items that are incredibly memorable.

Once you hit your 30s and 40s, it truly is time to start dressing like a grownup and get serious about your personal presentation. Corporate and conservative clothing do not have to be boring, so long as you include colors, embellishments and prints. In fact, it’s these elements that will make you appear powerful. Why? Because it takes a powerfully confident woman to pull off bold fashion. But do be more particular about your purchases, investing in durable, quality pieces that look rich and brilliant (even if you bought them on sale).

And always depend on classic styles, like nude heels, white button down shirts, and chic pencil skirts. Take items such as these and mix them with patterns, colors and prints to punch up the power.

Need some inspiration? Take a gander at these power clothes and imagine yourself in them. What kind of job or life could you have wearing these powerful pieces?


Seamed Colorblock Sheath Dress, $120 at Ann Taylor


Le Suit Skirt, Washable Pleated-Hem Pencil Skirt, $40 at Macy’s

Lucy Paris Top, $58.00 at Bloomingdale's

Lucy Paris Top, $58 at Bloomingdale’s


White Embellished Top, $44 at Dorothy Perkins

Optic Tweed Front Columnist Ankle Pant, $69 at Express

Optic Tweed Front Columnist Ankle Pant, $69 at Express


Alice + Olivia Victoria jersey and satin peplum dress, $264 at NET-A-PORTER

Black Halo 'Jackie' Print Stretch Sateen Sheath Dress, $375.00 at Nordstrom

Black Halo ‘Jackie’ Print Stretch Sateen Sheath Dress, $375 at Nordstrom


Rachel Roy Leopard-Print Short-Sleeve Sheath Dress, $139 at Neiman Marcus

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2 Responses to “What I’m Shopping for Now: Power Clothes”

  1. I agree! You should always dress for the job you want! I do it even if I work from home, it’s so important for me to take a shower and get dressed even if I don’t have any appointments! I’ve been wanting a denim pant suit for a long time… what job would that be best for?

    • Laura

      Hi, Jennine! I’m so flattered you stopped by. A denim pant suit… now THAT’S a bold move. That makes me think of a magazine publisher, or a head stylist for a fashion label… something jet-setter-ish. Of course, if you went retro, a denim pant suit could work for a bad ass private eye… kind of like a Charlie’s Angel! 😉