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Cover Your Goods, Girl. Wear Some Panties.

[Featured above: VSX Sport No-Show Thong Sport Panty from Victoria’s Secret, $12.50.]

Poor Anne Hathaway. She’s beautifully gracing the cover of January’s Glamour magazine. She stars in “Les Misérables.” And somewhere in the midst of all her fame and good fortune, she forgot to wear underwear. As such, photographers snatched (pun intended) an embarrassing photo of her bared crotch as she climbed out of a limousine to attend the premiere of her new movie and everyone has seen that image.

Obviously the decent thing to do would have been to delete that photo and not share it with the world. But we don’t live in Utopia, people. Not everyone is decent. So the proper thing for a lady to do is to wear undergarments and keep her legs closed when exiting a car.

Hathaway isn’t the only woman guilty of this faux pas. Women everywhere resort to going commando in order to avoid panty lines. But this has to end; unless you want a humiliating picture of your naughty bits all over the Internet. Cover your goods, girl. Wear some panties. Here are my recommended picks.

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