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Paint Your Nails, Empower Women, and Save Animals

Vanity should not have to come at such a high price. Many beauty products are often filled with damaging chemicals, tested on animals, and marketed in advertisements that feature unattainable feminine beauty. But now, Sun Polish promises to bring Southern California style to nail polish consumers across the country while remaining “4-Free” (the product’s formula does not contain Toluene, Formaldehyde, DBP, and Camphor), cruelty-free, and donating 10% of all profits to organizations that empower women in Los Angeles.

“All my businesses have a strong social component, as I do a lot of work in the community helping underprivileged youth learn how to become entrepreneurs so they can write their own destinies and become their own CEOs,” explains Sun Polish founder Elliott Schwartz. “I launched Sun Polish as a way to empower women by making them feel beautiful.”

With 10 sunny colors available for $12 per bottle, it’s easy to feel on-trend and on-point with Sun Polish. Because the colors are so brilliant and effortlessly complement one another, I enjoy mixing and matching Sun Polish hues to create unique looks. For my mani, I used No. 23 as a base and No. 3 to create polka dots. My dot-making tool of choice was a simple bobby pin.



Help others, protect animals, and keep your nails looking good with Sun Polish. Purchase it at www.sunpolish.com.

 Complimentary product was received for this review, but did not affect my opinion.

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