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Outfit of the Week

Back in the 1980s, when I was a kid, I used to sneak into my dad’s closet after he’d left for work, and snag his button down shirts. They were the only thing I could wear over my leggings that would adequately cover my tush. (Back then, we didn’t wear leggings like pants, as young women do nowadays. Who knew the 80s were so modest?)

Being that I’m no taller today than I was in the 80s, I can still get away with wearing a man’s shirt like a tunic over leggings. Only this time, the one I’m wearing in this outfit was not stolen from my dad (or my husband), but was acquired honestly at a thrift store.

men's button down shirt

versace t-shirt


outfit of the week

What I’m wearing:

Versace men’s button down shirt

Versace T-shirt

Victoria’s Secret leggings

Diba boots

H&M hat






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