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3 Tips for Making Your Own Outfit of the Week

I’m nesting at home, hiding beneath my Karen Kane throw, trying to kill a cold. I’m sure the cold is winning the battle. As such, I have no Outfit of the Week for you.

But what I do have is advice. I love that people enjoy my Outfits of the Week, but there is no reason you couldn’t create your own special looks. So, I challenge you to make your own Outfits of the Week or outfit of the day and post it on Instragram (use hashtag: #ootd). Here are my three tips for doing so:

  1. Mix prints. Nothing turns heads more than a brazen outfit that successfully combines prints. It’s bold, daring and confident. And the better you are at this fun game, the more powerful you look.mix prints
  2. Change up accessories. While there are those bloggers forced to continuously by new clothes, I’m not one of them. I’ll wear the exact same apparel in two Outfits of the Week, but give each completely different styles by changing up the accessories and hair. There’s something inspiring about being able to do that. After all, who among us has unlimited access to new clothes, or the funds to pay for it?change up accessories
  3. Pick a focal point. I’ll arrange an outfit around a statement piece, such as a blanket coat. This is probably one of the easiest ways to create an Outfit of the Week. Keep everything else in your outfit toned down so that it doesn’t compete with your focal piece. But remember: toned down doesn’t mean boring. Find a nice balance.blanket coat

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2 Responses to “3 Tips for Making Your Own Outfit of the Week”

  1. Gina Mizzoni

    I love this post! As always, great advice. 🙂