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Nevada Kids Love the ’70s for Back-to-School-Styles

Daily flash sale website Zulily.com analyzed the sales of 50,000 products on its website from June 2014 to June 2015 and determined that the top fashion decade for Nevada’s youth is the 1970s. How interesting is that?

Being a child of the seventies, I can’t help but rejoice. While I’m childfree, I am delighted with the idea of seeing my friends’ kids style themselves like a mini Stevie Nicks or Bruce Lee.

“Speaking as a parent, I think we all like to see our children wearing pieces inspired from our own youth and the boho chic styles of the seventies are no stranger to this inspiration,” says Zulily’s resident kids fashion expert Shawn Anderson. “The seventies retro fashion trend has made an epic resurgence and is visible everywhere from couture fashion runways all the way to kids apparel. Fashion is cyclical, so this style revival comes as no surprise to trend experts everywhere. Additionally, the popularity and culture surrounding outdoor music festivals only adds to the reappearance of this trend. Seventies clothing encourages a free-spirited expression of individuality, constructed in comfortable styles and fabrics which are easy for everyone to embrace.”

But Nevada is diverse, and other decades are proving to be popular, too. Here are the top items being purchased by Nevada kids per decade:

For more information or to shop for back-to-school styles, go to www.zulily.com.

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