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Everything That I’ve Kept from My Rocksbox Sets

I swore that if you subscribed with Rocksbox that you’d never buy jewelry again, but it turns out that I’m a big liar, because after 10 Rocksbox sets, I’ve now kept five pieces of jewelry.

Please know that my choices have been selective, only keeping (and, thus, purchasing) pieces that were uniquely me and that complemented my current jewelry collection. And I don’t regret a single purchase. In fact, I’m constantly wearing the pieces I’ve kept from Rocksbox over and over again. They’ve become staples and are much more in rotation than the other pieces of jewelry that I’ve had for years.

Maybe if you do subscribe to Rocksbox you will purchase jewelry, but at least you’ll be buying relevant, fresh pieces that will update your look. And even better, you’ll get them at special membership prices, which means you save money in the end.

So here are all the pieces that I’ve kept from Rocksbox. If you’re finally convinced to join, CLICK HERE to use my Rocksbox invitation.

Rocksbox 7

Rocksbox 6

I love layering these two together.

I love layering these two together.

Rocksbox 5

Rocksbox 4

Rocksbox 3


These three pieces play well together, too. Yes, it's perfectly fine to mix metals.

These three pieces play well together, too. Yes, it’s perfectly fine to mix metals.


And THIS gorgeous beauty had my coworker’s name all over it. When I showed it to her, and let her borrow it for the weekend, she fell in love. She’s keeping it for herself, and just paid me back! I think she’ll be starting her Rocksbox subscription very soon.

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