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My Favorite Spot in Manhattan: Joey’s Apartment

If you read yesterday’s post, then you know that Joey is my oldest BFF and I recently visited him in New York City, momentarily escaping my divorce and midlife crisis. That cute guy above… that’s Joey. And the cute apartment below is his.

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard horror stories about the apartments in NYC. We all have. But even as tiny as Joey’s apartment is, he has managed to decorate and style it in such a way that you notice more its charm than its size. Hey, size isn’t everything, right? And Joey has found a way to make the most of what he’s got. As such, it happens to be my favorite spot in Manhattan. Here’s why:

1. There’s no clutter. Joey keeps things neat and clean. Always. He fixes his bed as soon as he rises from it and he never leaves things lying around. Everything has its place. And he keeps the artwork minimal, so his walls never look too cramped.

Joey New York City Apartment No Clutter

Joey New York City Apartment Make Your Bed

Joey New York City Apartment Neat

Joey New York City Apartment Minimal Art

2. The mirrors are strategically placed. So not only can I get a glimpse of my makeup before we head out for dinner, but multiple mirrors make his place seem grander.

Joey New York City Apartment Mirror

3. There are no obstacles. Brick wall? Meh. Joey found a way to hang art and a large flat screen TV. Need a bar? Joey just places a cover over the burners of his stove, and voila! He has room to make me one of his signature margaritas.

Joey New York City Apartment Brick Wall

Joey New York City Apartment Bar

These tips don’t just apply to New York. They apply to anyone everywhere who dwells in a compact space. So follow Joey’s lead and make the most of your tiny home. And just maybe your BFF will be calling it her favorite spot, too.

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