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Male Icons Who Influence Women’s Fashion

[Photo Credits: my own photo; Freddie Mercury via]

There are so many factors that influence women’s fashion: bloggers, designers, magazine editors, celebrities, art, sometimes fashion design colleges and universities, or even the economy.

From David Bowie to Joey Ramone to Freddie Mercury, male icons have influenced my naturally prissy style by inspiring me to incorporate a tough edginess into my wardrobe. And I’m not the only one who feels this way. When I interviewed Las Vegas DJ Girl 6, she, herself, confessed to being fashionably influenced by Skrillex. So knowing that other women incorporate male icon style into their looks, I couldn’t help but search for more examples.

I found three fashion-loving, stylish women who also claim to be influenced by their own male icons, and they share with us who they are and why they love them.

Julia Di Nardo, Fashion Blogger (
Her Male Icon: Cary Grant
“Debonaire, sophisticated, well-tailored. For a man, or a woman, he is such a model example of what it means to know what works best for your body, understand the importance of great tailoring, what’s appropriate for the time, and consistency of style. I always tend to err on the side of dressing more formally when going to events or parties; in this day and age of being a casual society, I think it makes even more of a statement to be dressed up and pulled together, then slapping on jeans and a t-shirt, don’t you?”

Photo Credits: Julia DiNardo courtesy of; Carey Grant in "North by Northwest," property Warner Bros.

Photo Credits: Julia DiNardo courtesy of; Cary Grant in “North by Northwest,” property Warner Bros.


Jessica Galindo, Fine Artist and Designer (
Her Male Icon: Karl Lagerfeld
“He is so crisp, on point and INTENTIONAL.”

Photo Credits: Jessica Galindo photo by; Karl Lagerfeld via

Photo Credits: Jessica Galindo photo by; Karl Lagerfeld via


Sandra Mendoza,  Fashion Blogger and Vintage Fashion Curator (
Her Male Icon: The Ramones
“There’s a picture of The Ramones where all four members are wearing striped tees and leather jackets. My uniform is the striped T with 3/4- length sleeve. I have one in just about every color. Skinny jeans and a snug jacket, not always leather, is a Rock-n-Roll casual staple in my closet. It’s my everyday outfit.”

Photo Credits: Sandra Mendoza via; The Ramones property of Sire/Getty Images.

Photo Credits: Sandra Mendoza via; The Ramones property of Sire/Getty Images.

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8 Responses to “Male Icons Who Influence Women’s Fashion”

  1. Chris

    Love this post!! Thank you, Lollie!!

  2. I melt at this post!!! I love the idea of asexual fashion inspiration! I am a Andre 3000 and David Bowie kinda girl myself! But Freddie Mercury is a good one! Classic!

    • Laura

      Thank you, Krystal. Andre 3000… THAT is a GREAT choice! I may really have to do a Part II on this topic…

  3. I never gave much thought to this, but it’s definitely true that men do influence fashion a lot. First thing that comes to mind is Michael Jackson. So iconic! Great post ♥

    • Laura

      Thanks, Tianna. I totally agree. Michael Jackson has definitely been an influence on women’s fashion.