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Smell Like a Woman… Love Fury by Nine West

Let’s be honest, it takes more than a great pair of shoes to make us feel like a woman. And the right perfume is a big part of that. Stepping outside of its shoe box, favorite fashion brand Nine West has now ventured into the field of fragrance having recently launched Love Fury.

Mainly floral in its notes, Love Fury also incorporates a sexy sweetness. It’s a wonderfully balanced fragrance. Normally when I think floral, I think mature woman. And when I think sweet, I think young. Now I’m 40, so while my style and tastes are sophisticated, I don’t feel like an old lady. At the same time, I don’t want to smell like a teeny bopper, either. Nine West’s Love Fury has found a harmonious combination between floral and sweet, complementing it with a slight woodsy scent, too. It’s a great fragrance for women in their twenties up through their fifties. And I do recommend it as a daily perfume that can be worn to the office or at night when socializing. Love Fury is a wonderful addition to your fragrance wardrobe.

Plus, I love the bottle! It looks like the heel of a black pump shoe, doesn’t it? Additionally, Nine West is also selling the Love Fury pump shoe ($89), in case you are one of those ladies who has to have a complete set. Love Fury fragrance sells for $18-$55 and can be purchased at

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