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Before You Die, Read This Book

Both sinners and saints love to visit Las Vegas. And with so much to do and see, authors Laura Carroll and Adam Kealoha Casey saw fit to put together a guidebook to help. 100 Things to Do in Las Vegas Before You Die is a list of insider recommendations that include hip new restaurants, historical experiences, and natural sights.

The authors base their list on their own personal favorite Vegas experiences, having already compiled a collection of ideas for friends and family when they visit. Readers will learn to add the Neon Museum, Volcano Tea House, Floyd Lamb Park, and Velveteen Rabbit to their Las Vegas bucket list. Recommendations include brief descriptions that entice and educate. Easy to read with enjoyable content, 100 Things to Do in Las Vegas Before You Die is a must for fans of Vegas, those who will be visiting soon, and those travelers who come to Las Vegas again and again.

A Las Vegas local myself, I definitely approve of and am impressed by the intriguing list Carroll and Casey developed, which happens to include many of the same ideas and suggestions I make to my own family and friends when they visit. 100 Things to Do in Las Vegas Before You Die is part of the 100 Things to Do Before You Die book series, and it can be purchased at Amazon.com. It’s a great guidebook for not only tourists, but Las Vegas locals, too, especially those who just joined our vibrant community.

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