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Vegas Style: B Sweet Candy Boutique

Local fashionista and public relations maven Arlene Bordinhao has walked away from the corporate world, joined forces with her husband Victor, and made her sweetest dreams come true by opening the most stylish candy store in Las Vegas – B Sweet Candy Boutique.

Located among the shops of Market LV at Tivoli Village in Summerlin, B Sweet is charming and stylish with a bit of retro flair. It is the candy boutique for the stylish sect of the city. “My love of fashion helps me create a beautiful and clean store with a vintage feel,” describes the entrepreneur. “It’s all the descriptors of fashion that I love. When you walk into B Sweet you’ll see that all our bulk candies are in apothecary glass jars, which are beautiful and visual. All the furniture in our boutique is white, from the bookcases to the tables, so the candy can be the color and focus.”

As visually appealing as the store is (and as Bordinhao is, with her panache for perfect makeup and cute outfits), what I love most about B Sweet is the cotton candy. Little known secret: I am a cotton candy connoisseur. And I have been since I was a child. But B Sweet’s cotton candy confection is the BEST cotton candy I have ever had in my life! I’m not alone in my opinion. In fact, fashion retailer Neiman Marcus recently featured B Sweet’s cotton candy at one of its events. “It was truly an honor to receive that cotton candy order from Neiman Marcus. They are a favorite store of mine and seeing our cotton candy in their store during their CUSP spring event was a dream come true,” reports Bordinhao.

So what makes B Sweet’s cotton candy so magical? “We truly use the best sugars for our cotton candy. Not all cotton candy is the same so if you use high quality ingredients you’ll get amazingly delicious cotton candy. We also add pixie dust glitter to our cotton candy, which not only makes it delicious but beautiful,” explains Bordinhao. By the time I had finished my cotton candy, my car and I were covered in glitter, and I didn’t mind at all. The joy was worth it. Besides, who doesn’t like a sparkle-covered automobile?

For spring, Bordinao’s favorite fashion trend is the color mint, which also happens to be the color of her logo. But as far as candy goes, the candy expert’s favorites include bright pastel colors. “Our mini cotton candies are a hot trend as most all cotton candy colors are pastel colors which is what I’ve seen on the runways. Also, when you’re holding one of our handmade cotton candies it tends to turn heads, which is what every woman wants when she’s wearing the latest fashion so I consider our cotton candies VERY fashionable,” she says.

Visit Bordinhao (and she’s super-friendly, so don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with her) and B Sweet Candy Boutique on the second floor of Tivoli Village, 420 S. Rampart. You can also visit the website at www.bsweetlv.com.

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4 Responses to “Vegas Style: B Sweet Candy Boutique”

  1. Kat

    Love this! Been meaning to go check out B Sweet ever since I saw them at the holiday neon bazaar. Arlene and I go way back- we went to the same high school. Our maiden names were similarly spelled so we were always right next to each other in the yearbook!

    • Laura

      That’s such a cute story, Kat! The only thing sweeter than Arlene’s candy is Arlene herself!

  2. New blog looks great. Goo luck