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Sign up for This Subscription Box, and You’ll Never Buy Jewelry Again

I’m a little leery of subscription box services. I mean, it’s a monthly financial commitment with no guarantee that I’ll be happy with my box month after month.

But do you know what else I’m leery of? Buying fashion jewelry. Again, it’s a financial commitment with no guarantee. What if I spend $65 on a statement necklace that’s super hot now but completely out of style three months from now? There goes my $65. Fine jewelry is an investment. Fashion jewelry… not so much. Trends come and go, and there’s only so much space in my jewelry armoire.

Hence, when it comes to subscribing to subscription boxes and buying fashion jewelry, I’m very, very cautious. But now I can let go of my fears, thanks to Rocksbox.


For only $19 a month, Rocksbox will send you three pieces of fashion jewelry that you can keep as long as you’d like. And when you’ve grown bored with them, just send them back, and Rocksbox will send you three more. Rotate your Rocksbox jewelry often, or not. Here’s the really cool part: if you fall in love with a piece, you can keep it and just pay the members’ 20% discounted price.


I received a complimentary three-month Rocksbox subscription. Over the course of the three months I received jewelry I liked and jewelry I loved. In fact, there was one piece that I loved SO much, I kept it. (See the necklace below.) No, there’s no guarantee that you will love every piece, but at least you can send your three pieces back and get a fresh supply. You’re not stuck with anything. And considering the low monthly subscription rate, there’s nothing scary about the commitment, especially because you can cancel anytime.

rocksbox necklace zebra print scarf


After giving Rocksbox a try, I’ve decided to continue my membership. For me, it’s worth it. By the end of the year, I’ll have spent less on changing out my jewelry than I would have had I purchased a couple of statement necklaces and a stack of bracelets (that I would have to keep even after they go out of style). Considering that I showcase an Outfit of the Week every week on this blog, Rocksbox is the perfect complement to my fashionista lifestyle.


Sign up for Rocksbox right now and get your first month for free. Just use code lauraxoxo2 at checkout. This discount offer expires January 31st, so act fast. You have nothing to lose. Give Rocksbox a try and see for yourself just how fun it is to add some stylish fashion jewelry to your ensembles. CLICK/TAP HERE to join Rocksbox today.

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