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Make Your Instagram Better with This WordPress Plugin

There’s a solution for not being able to add a link to your Instagram posts, and it’s called InstaGo.

If you’re a seasoned Instagram user, you know that you can’t include a hyperlink in your post. And for those of us who blog or work in marketing and are using Instagram to direct traffic to our website, this limitation is frustrating. The only way to get around it is to update the link in our Instagram profile to whatever URL we’d like to send our followers to, and then we say in our post, “Link in profile.”

It’s a time-consuming, annoying, and daunting process. Luckily, the smart developers I work with at Pluginize saw that. They came up with a solution: InstaGo. Here’s how it works.

Each time you add a new product to your ecommerce site or publish a new blog post, check the InstagGo redirect box. Then, when you publish an image on Instagram promoting that new product or blog post, direct your followers to, “Use GO link in my profile.”

And that’s it. You already updated the redirect on your own site. You don’t need to update anything on Instagram. Keep the /go slug on your social media profiles, and just check the box on the page or post where you want your followers to go. Change it daily. Change it often. Or, change it once in awhile. With InstaGo, you’re in control of where your followers go.

I only use InstaGo on my Instagram, but the /go slug can be used on any social media profile. Or, you can simply share the URL anyway you’d like, say via text or email. I’m super passionate about this plugin and have been dying to share it with you. I really think anyone can benefit from InstaGo, but I especially love it for bloggers and for retailers.

Ready to give InstaGo a go? Purchase it here.


[Full disclosure: I already stated it in this blog post, but just in case… I work for the company that created InstaGo. My employer did not ask me to write this post. I just really, really like this plugin and wanted to share with my readers.]

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2 Responses to “Make Your Instagram Better with This WordPress Plugin”

    • Laura

      Yay! So glad you’re interested. InstaGo really has made my IG integration with blogging so much easier.