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Be a Man of Steel with the I.N.O.X.

So maybe you’re not Superman, but with the latest timepiece from Victorinox on your wrist, you will certainly feel like it.

Celebrating its 130th anniversary, the iconic brand saw fit to commemorate it with something that echoed the unique values and integrity of the famous Swiss Army Knife. Gentlemen, meet the I.N.O.X.


Like the Swiss Army Knife, I.N.O.X. is about durability and endurance. Constructed from solid steel, I.N.O.X. has passed a battery of 130 ruthless strength tests. For example, I.N.O.X. can survive a 10-meter drop onto a concrete surface, have a 64-ton tank drive over it, and resists two hours in a washing machine as well as a sandstorm.

Think about it. Can your smartphone do that? No. So quit relying on it to tell you what time it is! Nowadays, watches are status symbols, much like a car or your home. And aside from that, men look drop-dead sexy wearing a powerful-looking timepiece on their masculine wrist. There’s just something about the right watch that makes a man look important.

Additionally, I.N.O.X. can be protected by a removable bumper made of nylon and silicone. And design-wise, it’s so elegant and classy. So if you’re looking to channel your inner super hero and find a companion timepiece to last you a lifetime, then check out the I.N.O.X. For purchasing information, go to www.victorinoxwatches.com.


I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine.

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