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Vegas Style: ICJUK Expands with New Showroom

Las Vegas-based fashion designer Claire Jane Vranian loves to credit me for being the first to write about her. And I love to accept it. But what I’m really loving now is watching the success of her label ICJUK grow and grow. From rock-and-roll T-shirts worn by Def Leppard front man Joe Elliott, to one-of-a-kind feather handbags designed to melt the hearts of stylish fashionistas, to hair fascinators inspired by the London fashion scene, Vranian’s business is soaring, so much so that she has now opened up a showroom at Turnberry Towers adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip.

icjuk showroom

icjuk showroom 2

icjuk fashion

Set up as a lounge for buyers to peruse her pieces for placement in their own stores and boutiques, Vranian is on the cusp of taking the retail world by storm. So if you have yet to discover the rocker-chic-goodness of ICJUK, you had better do it now.

red feather handbag icjuk

icjuk hair fascinator

icjuk feather handbag

icjuk rock and roll tshirt

I bought this T-shirt for my husband. He loves it.

To learn more about ICJUK or to shop online, visit the website at www.icjuk.com.

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12 Responses to “Vegas Style: ICJUK Expands with New Showroom”

  1. Barbara Martin

    Wonderful article! I’ve been a customer of Claire Janes since the beginning and am happy to have welcomed 5 of her gorgeous handbags into my life. Between myself, my Hubby, and children we have various t-shirts, hoodies, and scarves and we’ve always been so pleased with the quality. CJ is extremely focused on customer care and to receive your order from her is like Christmas, no matter what time of year!

  2. Kayla Lea

    Claire Jane is fabulous, and her clothes are comfortable yet cool, sexy and edgy!! The perfect combination! I’ve worn three of her shirts in the last week, one of them at a party! I love them! They’re unique enough to get attention. And I’ve given them as gifts as well. Go girl! I’ll keep buying!

  3. Michelle Magnuson

    ICJUK is special to me for many reasons but the biggest is not the label, rather the woman who is bringing it to us. Claire Jane is a breath of fresh air that I’ve been waiting to draw since the 80’s. Her love for rock music and fashion collided and we are all the beneficiaries. I am fortunate to own a few pieces of her talent and I want more. I’m a bit addicted. But you see, it is Claire Jane, herself, that I adore most. She is an inspiration to me. I appreciate her sharing her passion and a taste of “the other side of the pond” with all of us. I am keeping an eye on this lovely lady and will be watching for some ICJUK perfume. Delicious.

  4. Donna Bristow

    Michelle, that was so lovely.

    I have most of her designs & love them so much. I am missing a feathered handbag tho. She knows when I find employment, I will get one! THey are so beautiful.

    I am enjoying the comments because I am not good with words, but I love Claire & am so proud of her! She is just as gorgeous inside & out as her lovely creations! I feel like a proud big sister! <3

    • Laura

      Thank you, Donna, for leaving a comment about Claire Jane and ICJUK. I hope you’re able to get a feather handbag very, very soon!

  5. Geraldine Mallon

    I have bought several items from Claire Jane (unfortunately only online as I live in Northern Ireland and have not managed to visit her store in person, but it looks fabulous. I am very impressed with the quality of the items I have purchased in the past and look forward to buying some more lovely t-shirts…..if this Irish weather ever improves!!!! 🙂

    • Laura

      Thank you, Geraldine. Well, the weather in Vegas is utterly fabulous. And I will try to send some of it your way so that you can get some more T-shirts! 🙂

  6. Linda Handschue

    Great article and a AWESOME lady! I also own a couple of Claire’s beautiful hair fascinators and a jacket I just adore! A very talented lady and someone you’ll LOVE doing business with, I guarantee you will keep coming back again and again. Proud of you Claire!! xo