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I Went to a Clothing Swap Party, Here’s What I Got

I love a good clothing swap. And if you haven’t been to one, you must. It’s a great way to purge your unwanted fashion, add new-to-you items to your wardrobe for free, and bond with other women.

A Facebook friend organized a clothing swap party at her place and invited me. Seeing as how I had a big bag of things to take to Buffalo Exchange and was in need of new items for the upcoming hot season, I jumped at the chance to attend. So I skipped out on Buffalo Exchange and went to the party instead. Here’s what I got.

First, can we talk about the zebra print flats featured above? Love! They’re Madden Girl, super comfy, and probably my favorite score from the party. But, my second favorite score is this sexy bebe dress. Newly single, I’m going to a jazz concert by myself next week, and I’m seriously thinking this is my outfit of the night.

bebe dress

And I got even more cute dresses.

Blue Chevron dress 1

Gray Wrap Dress

blue dress

And I adore this owl sweater and sheer black skirt. Obviously I’m putting these on hold until fall, but I can’t wait to wear this uber cute sweater come October!

owl top and black skirt

I got a few tops, too, including some chemises to wear now, and printed sweatshirts to wear later.

Green Top

sheer top

blue chemises

old navy sweatshirts

I also got a turquoise colored robe from Victoria’s Secret, a poolside tunic, a handful of belts, and this really cool bracelet.

bullet bracelet

All in all, I think I made out like a bandit. Don’t you?

Clothing swap parties started as a result of the recession, but they continue to exist because they’re just a lot of fun and allow people to recycle and donate fashion. There were still so many pieces of clothing left behind, even after all of us ladies grabbed what we wanted. The hostess took it upon herself to haul it all to a women’s shelter, so some good came out of the party, as well.

If you haven’t been to a clothing swap party before, but intend to in the future, try my tips:

  1. Wash or dry clean your items before donating them to the swap. It’s just the polite thing to do.
  2. Wash or dry clean what you bring back before you wear it. Don’t assume just because you are polite enough to bring clean fashion to the party that other attendees practice the same manners. Err on the side of caution and launder what you take.
  3. Take a bag with you. You’ll need something to tote back your haul. Don’t expect your hostess to provide you with a bag.
  4. Try on swap items before taking them home. Don’t set yourself up for disappointment. Besides, your fellow swappers want to see you model the fashion they donated. When I walked out of the bathroom wearing that black bebe dress, the gorgeous woman who brought it gasped and clapped for me. It was a nice moment.
  5. Bond with others. There’s nothing more heart warming than women chit chatting over a glass of wine while trying on clothes. It’s just fun.

And consider hosting your own swap party. You’ll feel really good about bringing women together to play with fashion, add to their wardrobes, and donate what’s left over. Plus, you’ll probably score some great stuff for yourself, too!



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4 Responses to “I Went to a Clothing Swap Party, Here’s What I Got”

  1. Vicki Soares

    Amazing gems and treasures … and I love love love that bebe dress on you!

  2. You look amazing in that dress. Single looks good on you lady!