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I Am LOVING This Fashion Subscription Service

For a couple of months now, I’ve been featuring items rented through Le Tote in my Outfits of the Week, and I don’t see that coming to an end anytime soon.

I’ve blogged about RocksBox and why I love it, and Le Tote is the same deal. I get to borrow, or rent, however you like to see it, a few pieces of fashion as often or as little as I want, keep them as long or as little as I want, and then send them back for new pieces of fashion. And it only costs me $49 a month.

Each packaged group of fashion is called a tote. Inside each tote, you’ll find five pieces of apparel and jewelry, such as dresses, tops, earrings, necklaces, etc. Once you sign up, go through all items and select what you’d like in your ‘closet.’ These are the items you can expect to find in your totes. But you get notice of your upcoming tote, and if there’s something in there that you don’t like or don’t want, you can replace it with another item.

I’ve only had two totes, but with both, I made replacements. A couple of times, selected items included long-sleeve pieces. Well, here in Las Vegas, we are well into the triple digits, weather-wise. The last thing I want is anything long-sleeved. But it was so easy to log in and just switch out the pieces with something more summery.

If you’re already a clotheshorse, like I am, Le Tote is a great way to add new fashion to your wardrobe without falling into the bad habit of over-shopping or crowding your already cramped closet. And if you’re one of those who hates shopping and often complains of having nothing to wear, Le Tote is your solution for creating new looks without the commitment of keeping them forever.

However, you CAN keep them forever, and you’ll just pay the members’ price. I did exactly that with the dress below. I sent back my tote, but kept this dress, and I’m only being billed $60 for it. Fab, right?

le tote dress

I’ve worn every piece sent to me by Le Tote. While I’ve not fallen in love with every piece, I have liked 90% of it. And I find myself shopping less while still being able to create some pretty damn cute Outfits of the Week.

See below for a sample of the pieces I’ve received through Le Tote, some of which you’ll recognize as an Outfit of the Week.

ava wrap dress 2

Le Tote French Connection Top

Ark & Co outfit


le tote earrings 2

le tote earrings

So have I piqued your curiosity? Then CLICK HERE to earn a $25 credit to use when you sign up for Le Tote. And if you chicken out later, you can cancel at anytime. There’s no long-term contract to worry about. Go to www.letote.com for more information or to join.

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