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How to Shop: Thanksgiving Day

It’s become quite the debate among shoppers and retailers alike. Should stores begin their Black Friday sales early on Thanksgiving Day, or remain closed and allow employees to enjoy the national holiday with their loved ones?

The chatter on social media is loud and clear, championing retail workers and calling for a boycott of what is now called Black Thursday. There’s even a Facebook page for that boycott (CLICK HERE to like it). But, the fact that retailers have done this successfully before, opening their doors to droves and droves of eager consumers, proves that overall there is a demand for such chaos. Black Thursday will not go away until shoppers stop showing up for it.

You would think a shopaholic like myself would be joining the masses of shoppers on Thanksgiving Day, but no. For me, shopping is more than simply buying stuff. It’s about the overall sensory experience. And long lines, pushy customers, rude behavior, shoving, and general madness absolutely do not enhance a shopping experience, but instead ruin it.

Having said all that, you don’t want to miss out on a good deal or two, right? Well, maybe you don’t have to. Here are my recommendations on how to shop on Thanksgiving Day, without abandoning the holiday.

  1. Make a commitment to stay home on Thanksgiving Day. Select to shop online or via an app.
  2. Know what the sales are, where they are, and what time they start. My number one source for holiday deals is BlackFriday.com. Go there now and study up. Note that some offers will be in-store only. If you’re opting to stay home on Thanksgiving Day, you’ll miss out on those. So accept that and remain grateful for the day nonetheless.
  3. Make a shopping list. Bookmark store websites and/or download their apps so you’re ready on Thanksgiving Day. And if your shopping includes apparel or shoes for others, find out and write down everyone’s sizes in advance.
  4. Communicate to your loved ones about your plans to shop. Even though you’re physically remaining with your family for the holiday, you have to let them know that your attention will be elsewhere, especially if you’re spending Thanksgiving at someone else’s home. So be considerate, and just give everyone notice of your plans. You may even want to commit to only one hour (or less) of shopping so your friends and family don’t feel completely ignored.
  5. On the big day, make sure you have everything you need to shop. That includes your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, your shopping list, and a credit card.


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4 Responses to “How to Shop: Thanksgiving Day”

  1. Good article i love it!!

  2. Brilliant ideas you got there. I really would stay at home on thanksgiving.