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Dedicated: How Chefs Can Look Their Best in Uniform

Sometimes people who wear uniforms for work think that they can’t look their best. This simply isn’t true. Just because you might not like to wear chef clothes in your daily life doesn’t mean you can’t bring your unique style to your uniform. In fact, lots of chefs have amazing style that’s evident from the moment you set foot in their kitchens. Here are some ways to achieve this yourself.

Buy the Basics that Look Good to You. Of course if you are a chef you will have to wear an apron, a hat, and whatever other pieces of clothing are required at your workplace. Don’t let this get you down, and don’t settle for what’s sold through local retailers. Sites like ChefWorks.com have an incredible array of affordable products with enough variety to fit every personal sense of style. Pick out the basics that work for you and then focus on the aspects of personal style which you have more control over.

Iron. Like well-fitted clothes, clothes which are pressed and wrinkle free look better than clothes which are a wrinkly mess. Spend a little extra time cleaning and ironing your clothes, and your appearance will get immediate bonus points.

Focus on Your Hair, Accessories, and Skin. Why do so many chefs have tattoos and piercings? Because these are the style elements that they have free reign over. When you have to wear a uniform, it’s up to your body to pick up the style slack. So get creative with your hair and skin. If you’ve never gotten a tattoo or piercing before, maybe it’s time to get crazy! If you wear glasses, get the best looking glasses you can. In short, take control of the non-uniform elements of yourself which can be reflections of your style and person.

Focus on Fit. This is true for all people, but it’s especially important for chefs and other people who wear uniforms: fit matters more than color or fabric. When your clothes fit well, they look good. Even expensive clothes that are ill-fitting will look unattractive or strange. Fitted clothes show that you understand how to dress yourself, and this will speak well of you, no matter what the rest of your personal style is.

Care for Your Clothes. It’s easy when you work long hard hours to scrimp on the washing protocol, but careless washing and care can take a terrible toll on your clothes. You want these clothes to last, so be very gentle in washing. Also, don’t dry your clothes in a machine if you can help it. Air-drying is so much easier on fabric, resulting in longer lasting clothes that don’t shrink.

There are plenty of ways to exude a sense of excellent personal style, even if you have to wear a uniform. In fact, some uniformed people out there are incredibly well-dressed, simply because they know how to work with what they have and make the most of every opportunity. If you want to look awesome at work, you should learn to do the same.

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