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How to Keep Holiday Stress from Ruining Your Skin

While the holidays are a time for love, laughter, and celebration, it can also be, unfortunately, a time for stress. Between family drama, last-minute shopping, and especially traveling, fatigue and anxiety can set in and take a toll on your skin.

Think about this: you have to look good for all those holiday photos. Your pretty punum is bound to be featured on Facebook and Instagram, not to mention all the pictures your mom likes to add to the family photo album. You can’t look tired. You can’t look beat. You can’t look stressed. So how does a stylish elf keep holiday stress from ruining her skin?

I turned to skincare expert Shawn Mcloughlin, Skincare Trainer for SISLEY PARIS. He has a bunch of results-oriented tips and recommended products to help you beat holiday stress and look fresh-faced while you party and travel.

  1. Black Rose Mask – It plumps the skin, hydrates and brightens. Literally, within minutes, your skin is visibly rejuvenated and plumped, as if you spent the evening at the spa. This mask is convenient because you can remove the excess after 20 minutes or just leave it on and follow with your face cream to cocoon the mask and you’re done. “We call it instant youth brightening plumping mask for a reason,” says Mcloughlin.Sisley Black Rose Mask
  2. Eye Contour Mask – “You get the look of eight hours of sleep in 10 minutes,” Mcloughlin assures us. Apply the lightweight gel eye contour masque and after just 10 minutes you can remove the excess or leave on. Lines are smoothed, puffiness is gone and darkness is brightened.Sisley Eye Contour Mask
  3. Hydra Global – “The problem with traveling is your skin gets dehydrated, not necessarily dry,” explains Mcloughlin. “This intensively hydrating lightweight gel, replenishes the moisture, combats dehydration, boosts circulation of the water within the skin so it is evenly moisturized. We nickname it the ‘rejuvenation bath’ for the skin.”Sisley Hydra Global
  4. Botanical D-TOX – This SISLEY skincare product is a highly effective complex of botanicals that help skin detoxify at a cellular level (not just deep cleansing) while also strengthening your natural defense systems. “Skin will be radiant, firmer and stronger… you will glow for weeks after you stop using,” exclaims Mcloughlin.Sisley D-tox
  5. Confort Extreme Body Lotion – “The perfect night cap before going to bed,” says our skincare expert. Formulated with natural lavender, this body lotion provides a calming restorative sensory experience to soothe the soul, comforting the most weary traveler.Sisley body lotion

For more information on SISLEY PARIS go to www.sisley-paris.com.

Complimentary product received.

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