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Holiday Shopping at Ross

I don’t mean to brag, but I am two gifts away from being done with my holiday gift shopping. And Ross helped me out big time.

Even though I’m purposely childfree, I have more children on my gift list than I do adults! So I went to my favorite Ross location in Las Vegas, conveniently located on the Strip, and I searched the kids’ section for name brand fashion at low prices. I found an adorable three-piece set for my baby niece that includes velvet leggings, a graphic print long sleeve top and a super cute faux fur trimmed, hooded puffy vest. For the toddler boys on my list, I found a two-piece jacket and hat for one and a two-piece denim and dual layered top for the other. All outfits are from trusted, popular fashion brands, so I feel good about giving them away as gifts. I know the parents will appreciate it, and I only spent about $50 total!

Of course, I couldn’t help but be distracted by all the other items available at Ross. I found myself magnetically drawn to a glass case filled with high-end designer watches, the impressive selection of luggage, and, of course, the handbags. While I was there, the store was packed-full of shoppers, yet checkout was lightning speed fast and the associates were always cheerful and smiling. Shopping at Ross always manages to enhance my day.

So if you’re looking to make your holiday shopping easier while saving some cash, add Ross to your must-shop holiday list. If you want to make it especially easy on yourself, just purchase a gift card and let your recipient do her own shopping. Keep up with Ross on Facebook and post your finds at www.facebook.com/rossdressforless. Easy to shop. Easy to save. Easy to get in and get out. Happy shopping!

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