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Holiday Gift Pick: Where I’d Rather Be Umbrella

It’s gloomy and wet in my usually sunny town. So when these umbrellas popped up inside my email inbox, I could relate to their intention.

The Where I’d Rather Be umbrellas are the first ever to feature full 360° under-canopy photos, designed to help you escape a wet winter. You can’t get them in the US, but my UK and EU readers will be happy to know that they can buy them for only £27.99-£29.99 each.

where I'd rather be umbrella 3

If you can’t afford to give the gift of a beautiful vacation getaway, then at least give your gift recipient a mental escape from the rain. Just go to www.whereidratherbe.co.uk to buy your Where I’d Rather Be Umbrella holiday gift now.

where I'd rather be umbrella 1

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